Saturday, January 19, 2013

Because Jewels told me too...

Ahoy hoy everyone!

A quickie blog post today because, well Jewels from According to Jewels told me too.

So since it's not much, I'll be doing this post in bullent point style.

  • Resolutions are going ok. Sorta. been being more active, and just a little off of my goal shape. sloth wise, is getting there too. been setting goals for myself especially at work and mostly getting there. As for the relationship business... no comment :\
  • Currently watching the hockey game in a snuggy. What? It's comfy and the habs are sucking right now :( I need comfort.
  • I need to congratulate Jewels and Kat for taking part of the polar plunge! WOOHOO!! wish I could've been there to cheer you ladies on.
  • Been waking up tired and sore muscles these past few days. I'm hope I didnt catch anything.
  • Friday will be the third anniversary(?) of my godsis leaving us. Emotions come and go. Miss her dearly.
  • Have I mentioned the Habs suck tonight?
Welp, thas's all I got for tonight. Maybe the next one will have a little more substance.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Ahoy hoy everyone!

Hope 2013 is starting out great for everyone out there! Mine was spent with close friends, food, booze and games. It was fun and a great way to start the New Year, even though I am absolutely tired today, heh. It's not quite over for me yet either as there's a big dinner planned for supper in a few hours with my family and apparently other big meals during this week.

And this is a perfect way to segue into my resolutions for this year.

I usually don't do this, but this year I have a few small things I want to improve upon and they are achievable, so I thought I'd write them down so I could look in on them when I needed a reminder. as a bonus, I'll vaguely split them into my favourite sins, cause well I feel like it....


 So over Christmas I went to visit a really close friend (also the person that drama was revolved around in the past, I'll get a little more into it later). Had a great time, and as usual, with her, gluttony is a sin we enjoy a lot together. It's a surprise we do not end up weighing 500lbs. Although over the past week, I did add on an extra 9lbs. It's not too much, but I want to nip that in the bud. So after the holiday meals are done, it's back to eating sensibly and exercising. It's something that I usually do, but I do fall off the horse often, and I want to try to keep it a little more constant this year. This out of all my resolutions should be the easiest to maintain as long as I'm healthy and no "pains" re-occur.


I can be a very lazy person, I know, shocker! I also know it won't change overnight, but I do want to be a little more active. Whether it be at home and definitely at work. I always do what needs to get done, but I want to procrastinate a little less. Concretely, that means picking a task at work that needs to get done and just work on it until it is, even if I have plenty of time to do it or if it's tedious. As for home, it means spending a little less time online and doing other things. Now my home is far from disrepair, but it's little things like even just playing more of the games I have collected over time. The internet has become a crutch for me and while not at addiction level, it's time to re-discover some other old "loves". Whether it be movies or games or whatever might strike my fancy.


Well this resolution is a bit of a stretch to call it lust, but I have a theme going dammit and I won't stop now. This will be the hardest resolution to keep since a lot of it is base on emotion. Essentially, I need to think about what I want in a relationship. I've had lots of drama this past year, but more fun and happiness. So while I don't regret a single second, I do need to think things through. the first step to this is to truly be happy single for a bit and the hard part, is to be ok with it. I do think I am in a better headspace thanks to 2012, I just need to 2013 to cement that in. As I said, this is the tricky part because emotions are always a bitch and you never know who can catch your eye and turn you until a babbling idiot (as opposed to my regular idiocy).

So there you have it, my resolutions to try and curb my favourite sins somewhat. While I will still indulge in them (especially the first and last :D  ) I will do my best to follow these resolutions and hopefully be an even better Bo Bo at the end of it.

Hope everyone's had a great New Years Day! Cheers!