Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Blog of firsts....

Ahoy hoy everyone!

Yes this post will be a post if firsts.

Firstly (see what I did there?), today's post will be completely complaint free. That's right, I feel like no matter what I right about, I'm always complaining about something. But not this time. Oh no, this post will be about something that will not be sullied by the cries for pity and of woe.

It has been a long time coming, but  Mynx gave me my first ever award! (and for that you are also the first ever blog I've linked to in a post! See this blog is just chock full of firsts).

Back to the important thing, that's right, I gots me an award. The versatile blogger award no less. Woohoo!

Isn't it purdy...

How I got her to bestow this award to me, I don't know. (Seriously I don't. Was it the bucks, the booze or the boys I sent your way?)

Anyway, like anything in life, there's a catch. Apparently there's rules....

1. Thank and link to the person who nominated you.  

2. Share seven random facts about yourself. 
3. Pass the award along to 5 new-found blogging buddies.

So so far so good, step 1 done. Thanks again Minx. Now I know I have a very small loyal readers and a lot of you already read her blog, but to those that haven't haven't go now!

Now for the tricky part... 7 random facts.... alright well some of you will already know this stuff but hey, the rules didn't specify it had to be something new :p

1- I will try just about any kind of food at least once. In fact I have had balut on more then one occasion
2- I was born the day before mother's day.
3- Gluttony and sloth are two of my favourite sins
4- I love the Doors, my favourite song is probably The Crystal Ship
5- I know how to play 8 Days a Week on the piano
6- I've always been no farther then 3 metro stations away from whatever school I was going too here in montreal
7- I love playing Scrabble. What;s more, I love winning in Scrabble lol. so if anyone ever wants to play a game online, let me know! :)

yeah I know, kinda weak facts, but I couldn't think of anything really interesting... at least not in point form like that. I got a few stuff, but they're kinda brewing in my head for full posts :)

Finally I need to pass this award on. Now, I know most of the commenters on my blog already read each other's blog, so please excuse me if I don't mention you for the award. Not that you're undeserving, but just trying to spread the blog love around :)

So here goes:

Several deadly cines by Stace - a blog about his studies in screenwriting/cinema studies. some interesting things to read and good for those who love to write, regardless of medium.

Mastering the pieces by Steph - showcasing great fingernail art (she should be a professional hand model) as well as the going ons in her life.

Everything that rises must be read - Mostly for horror movie buffs. Great reviews as well as occasional posts about non-horror related things.

Happy dying sun - Chio's blog. a blog about her day to day usually, she's always entertaining :)

... i can stay - a crazy irish reviews basically a book a day until he gets the right to stay in Oz. And now that he has that right, he's still going!

I promise to spread more of the blog love soon! But for now, I think I'll go indulge in one of my favourite sins and go loaf ;)

Friday, May 27, 2011


Before I start this post, let me set the proper music...

Every trip should begin with this song..

Now this might be a pretty boring post since everything went well, but I had a great time and wanted to share :)

My flight down to VA was pretty uneventful. My first time travelling with a suit and let me say that's a pain in the ass. It's ok as carry on, but dragging it everywhere trying to make sure it doesn't get folded too much is a hassle. Oh and yeah, my sis's check in luggage was destroyed. Handle and stand popped off.

Now my parents bought it in Hong Kong though.. so well y'know.....

Anyway, we arrived at VA, and went to pick up our rental car. Now I don't drive often. Public transport is a thousand times easier then driving to get around here in Montreal. So anywho, I made a reservation for something like this:

Something small, but that I've driven before. Besides it would only be for my sis and I, so anything larger would be a waste of gas. Well when we got there, they didn't have any, so I got a free upgrade to this beast:

Holy hell I hated that car! It handled well enough, but it was too big for the two of us. Blind spots were a pain and I still couldn't figure out the lights preoperly for the life of me! And for a non-driver like me, it was intimidating at first. At least I knew other people would be swerving away from me!

The rest of the vacation went great though! My cousin had a lovely wedding and we got to spend lots of time with my "family" there.

The weather was cooperative for the most part, but i didn't get any good beach time :(

Only 2 things really put a sour note on the whole thing. The first is what I've kinda blogged about already. I had to stay an extra day cause a flight was cancelled. Luckily since it was due to a mechanical failure, the airline paid for hotel plus gave us 15$ each for food. So it wasn't too bad.

The other sore point and I mean that literally was that well.... I basically felt like I was kicked in the nads over the course of my vacation. It started the day before I left. At first i thought it was just cause I had a really weird dream or something and hurt myself. Nope, it lasted throughout. It would come and go, but I would never really feel completely ok. So that was really annoying, I finally got to see my doc (yes again..... thank god for universal health care or I'd be broke!) and well it looks like it's just probably an infection that's caused my tubing to flame up. So i got me some meds and going back in about two weeks. Joy.....

Seriously though, even with all that, I managed to have a great time! I would post pics, but my sis has them all. Maybe when I get them I'll post some up, but I wouldn't hold my breathe. She still has pics from our last vacation from last year....

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Blogger sux donkey balls!

All I want to do is comment on my previous post to answer those that have left me messages. something that's been done for eons (I guess really whenever blogger has had the option to leave comments) ago!

But ever since I got back, I can't comment on my own posts! Blogger acts as if everytime I try to comment I'm not signed in. so it's a vicious circle of type comment, click post, sign in, re-type comment, click post, sign in....

Blogger is sucking major donkey balls right now... and here I wanted to try and catch up...

Anyway, sorry for taking time to reply back but :

@Dejch - I like to keep you all up to date ;)

@Mynx - Thanks, the rest was pretty much smooth sailing. Didn't even get hassled by customs!

@Dawn - Awwww thanks... :)

Thanks again for commenting everyone and has anyone else had this problem?

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Still alive!

Ahoy hoy everyone! So my flight got canceled and I'm still in VA for another night. I'll blog about it another day and try to do some catching up.

Just wanted to let you all know I'm still alive... barely...

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sunday Quickie

Ahoy hoy everyone!

Quickie post today, probably won't be enough to be a tidbit. Just checking in after blogpocalypse 2011!

glad to see everyone I follow make it through, althouh some of my wisdom (taken from a fortune cookie) comments have been lost to the ether :(

I survived my first week of my 3rd decade on this planet. there where some disturbing omens though... blogpocalypse... blackout in our building at work on wednesday. But all in all, it's been good. I would also like to tell my fellow cultist that I will be away for about a week starting on Wednesday as I will be gone on vacation to attend a wedding. I hope you will not forget me or worse, take the opportunity of my absence to unfollow me! ;)  So if you would all be so kind as to also pause your blog posts or any earth shattering events from your life so I don't miss out while I'm gone, well that would be muchly appreciated ;p

Speaking of earth shattering events, apperantly some people think next Saturday is the end of the world. So time to sin like there's no tomorrow! (I think that's what they want us to do?)

I'll probably be in a Church then so I guess I'll have front row seats of the rapture. Maybe I should go to confession before the wedding too... you know, just in case ;p

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The day after 30 ...

BEfore we start this epic tale, let me say welcome to Dejch! Thanks for following :)

Now on to today's tale.


There are milestones in every persons life that define them. They inexorably change who a person is down to their core. Challenges their perceptions, ideas, their very being. This is not one of those moments. Instead it's the story of the weekend leading up a pleasant weekend and birthday, followed by the obligatory late night freakout.

This story starts Sunday, Mother's Day. The morning and early afternoon, our titular heros spent doing chores and cleaning up his abode. Laundry done, home clean (ish), it was time for the true quest to begin. The quest for the holy bouquet.

Bobo needed to act without hesitation as not only did he need to find the perfect flowers to give, but time was limited as he needed to get to his parents as fast as possible to help set things up for the dinner she planned. (For she had invited people for supper forgetting that it was both mother's day and my birthday the next day).

So the hunt was afoot. He first tried a local florist that was on my way, but it was slim pickings. A couple of decent ones, but decent is not good enough. Not for this, not for the woman who blessed the earth with such a hero. So off he went, taking a very slight detour and went to the market not far from there. Lots more choices. Surely his quest for the holy bouquet would yield results here. After searching for it and being redirected by a seller to another stall also held by them, he found it.

Something like this
It was orchids which his mother loves and they were a lovely colour too. Yes, this would do nicely. After paying the merchant and having it wrapped, off to his parent he went. The day was glorious and bright, befitting the occasion. Upon his arrival, his mother thanked him and appreciated the gift. His sister then gave her the second part of their combined gift, a set of lottery tickets and scratchies. The chance for a well deserved early retirement for one such as she. Now our hero thought the hunting was done for the day. But the ever wonderful mother had another quest for him. One that would prove more challenging. Among her tickets, was a package that they sell for mother's day. She tasked our hero to buy two more to give to the mother's that will be visiting that night. Well off her went. The depanneur down the street didn't have one. So off he went to the pharmacy a little further down. Success they had... one. He bought it but with only 50% of the quest completed he moved on to the grocery store next door. He looked down at the selection and success! Victory was achieved! He returned triumphant! The celebration started. Food, friends, family. A great time was had by all!

The next day, the day of the great hero's birth, was a more low-key affair. Work was quiet, birthday greetings from all over warmed the Bobo's heart greatly. A lavish supper was had at a all you can eat korean bbq and sushi place. He was joined by his sister and his younger cousin who enjoyed reminding Bobo how old he is.

While a great time was had by all, this supper proved to be the heroes downfall. You see our heroes has a weakness (well multiple weaknesses but I digress...) you see he is much like a Mogwai. He cannot eat food past a certain time. More specifically, he cannot have a large meal past 7 or so or he faces a night of bad sleep. Indeed, this curse reared it's ugly head and caused Bobo a restless night. It also plagued him with dreams of sorrow, loss and regrets. The dreams and the sleep deprivation caused his mind to spiral down in a dark mess of self loathing and regret.

"What if this is as good as it gets? What if you truly do belong alone? After 30 what have you truly accomplished?" these questions plagues his mind. This lead for a long un-restful night. However, with the new day and caffeine in his system, he realizes that he has indeed done a lot and while things may not be perfect, there is time to work on it. This is not the end.


So what can I say after I finally turned 30? I feel wiser and more mature. I think it's time for me to do something stupid ;p

Friday, May 6, 2011

Friday Tidbits

Ahoy hoy everyone!

It's a bittersweet day in the Ahoy Hoy-verse. First welcome to Sandra, who somehow stumbled to my blog! Thanks for joining and having a sip of the kool-aid, it is muchly appreciated!

But with the rejoicing there comes sorrow. We have lost one of our own. I am not sure what happened. If my posts have offended or if I was part of a purge. Nonetheless, thanks for staying for as long as you did. May the blog gods be with you.

So just a quickie Friday catch up on all things BoBo.

We voted a new government in on Monday. Sadly the Conservatives now have a majority. We are stuck with them for at least 4years. I foresee dark days ahead. I mostly blame Ontario for switching to the Cons. Ugh.... Will one of you faithful be willing to let me stay with them and hide out until they get voted out.

In brighter news, my back is healing nicely. Not as sore, cut is healing up. Getting a bit itchy and scabby, but nothing bad. It is also Friday. Friday is always a good day.

This is a reminder for everyone. Sunday is Mother's Day! I have no idea what to get her. My mom is notoriously hard to shop for. Her likes doesn't really translate to gifts. And she never gives hints or suggestions. Flowers are a default, will probably get her a set of lottery stuff too. Sounds cold I know, but she likes playing the scratchies and is one of the few things I know she won't complain about lol.
I love my mommy!

As always, Mother's Day is also a reminder that my Birthday is coming up. This Monday I will be turning the big 3-0! So far it feels like any other year (although my body decided otherwise this past year. I might blog about it later). I'll probably freak out on Monday.
More like meh... for now....
Good thing I bought me a new bottle of vodka! (And yes I did think about you Heather when buying it! I'll bring it over to Dawn's house)   ;)

Happy Weekend everyone!