Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The day after 30 ...

BEfore we start this epic tale, let me say welcome to Dejch! Thanks for following :)

Now on to today's tale.


There are milestones in every persons life that define them. They inexorably change who a person is down to their core. Challenges their perceptions, ideas, their very being. This is not one of those moments. Instead it's the story of the weekend leading up a pleasant weekend and birthday, followed by the obligatory late night freakout.

This story starts Sunday, Mother's Day. The morning and early afternoon, our titular heros spent doing chores and cleaning up his abode. Laundry done, home clean (ish), it was time for the true quest to begin. The quest for the holy bouquet.

Bobo needed to act without hesitation as not only did he need to find the perfect flowers to give, but time was limited as he needed to get to his parents as fast as possible to help set things up for the dinner she planned. (For she had invited people for supper forgetting that it was both mother's day and my birthday the next day).

So the hunt was afoot. He first tried a local florist that was on my way, but it was slim pickings. A couple of decent ones, but decent is not good enough. Not for this, not for the woman who blessed the earth with such a hero. So off he went, taking a very slight detour and went to the market not far from there. Lots more choices. Surely his quest for the holy bouquet would yield results here. After searching for it and being redirected by a seller to another stall also held by them, he found it.

Something like this
It was orchids which his mother loves and they were a lovely colour too. Yes, this would do nicely. After paying the merchant and having it wrapped, off to his parent he went. The day was glorious and bright, befitting the occasion. Upon his arrival, his mother thanked him and appreciated the gift. His sister then gave her the second part of their combined gift, a set of lottery tickets and scratchies. The chance for a well deserved early retirement for one such as she. Now our hero thought the hunting was done for the day. But the ever wonderful mother had another quest for him. One that would prove more challenging. Among her tickets, was a package that they sell for mother's day. She tasked our hero to buy two more to give to the mother's that will be visiting that night. Well off her went. The depanneur down the street didn't have one. So off he went to the pharmacy a little further down. Success they had... one. He bought it but with only 50% of the quest completed he moved on to the grocery store next door. He looked down at the selection and success! Victory was achieved! He returned triumphant! The celebration started. Food, friends, family. A great time was had by all!

The next day, the day of the great hero's birth, was a more low-key affair. Work was quiet, birthday greetings from all over warmed the Bobo's heart greatly. A lavish supper was had at a all you can eat korean bbq and sushi place. He was joined by his sister and his younger cousin who enjoyed reminding Bobo how old he is.

While a great time was had by all, this supper proved to be the heroes downfall. You see our heroes has a weakness (well multiple weaknesses but I digress...) you see he is much like a Mogwai. He cannot eat food past a certain time. More specifically, he cannot have a large meal past 7 or so or he faces a night of bad sleep. Indeed, this curse reared it's ugly head and caused Bobo a restless night. It also plagued him with dreams of sorrow, loss and regrets. The dreams and the sleep deprivation caused his mind to spiral down in a dark mess of self loathing and regret.

"What if this is as good as it gets? What if you truly do belong alone? After 30 what have you truly accomplished?" these questions plagues his mind. This lead for a long un-restful night. However, with the new day and caffeine in his system, he realizes that he has indeed done a lot and while things may not be perfect, there is time to work on it. This is not the end.


So what can I say after I finally turned 30? I feel wiser and more mature. I think it's time for me to do something stupid ;p


Dejch said...

yep you get wiser over the years :)

Sandra said...

Oh yes, I highly recommend doing something stupid! It always makes age seem so unnecessary!

bobo said...

Dejch, well, I might feel that way... now if I am actually any wiser is completely up for debate!

And thanks Sandra. If there's one thing that can stand the test of time, it's stupidity lol

Heather (aka Sugar Free) said...

Now I'm just picturing you as a Mogwai typing this post.

Happy belated birthday, buddy!!

bobo said...

Hmmmm maybe I'll change my proile pic to Gizmo now lol and thanks :)

Dawn @Lighten Up! said...

Said it before, I'll say it again: You're adorable.
And try being 42! It sucks! Please please please do something stupid involving vodka.

Dawn @Lighten Up! said...

Now I thought I commented on this because I read it the other day...stupid phone.
Reason number 101 you're adorable: You mentioned Mogwai. *Lurrvveee* Mogwai.

bobo said...

@Heather - Heh, I might have to change my profile pic then. Thanks :)

@Dawn 0 You did comment. Blogger just ate a bunch of post and comments during the blogpocalypse. Hmmmmm note to self, get Mogwai suit.... ;p