Sunday, March 27, 2011

Porn Guy

Before getting into this week's post, I just want to thank everyone for your comments and advice on my previous post. Quick update I have been feeling a bit better and I have a doc appointment on Wednesday, so if y'all can send good prayers/vibes my way, I'd appreciate it :)

Alright now on to the post itself. First of all, sorry to all those expecting some kind of porn or smut. The title was purely to try to attract more hits (well it's relevant but still, porn in title = more views right?)

Well, I work for a small software company and their hiring record can sometimes be iffy. Case in point they hired me.... but anyway, this post is about probably the most infamous person the company has ever hired. Now of course I will not name names and add this caveat: I never directly worked with him. I was on a different project and a lot of what I know was told to me by my co-worker who unfortunately had to work with him.

About two years ago, the company was looking for someone. I wasn't involved with the search but my friend, hmmm let's call him Bumblebee (original cartoon version if you're wondering) was. So after they did a handful of interviews, Bumblebee told me they offered the job to his least favourite candidate. Porn guy (who I shall continue on calling Porn guy) was the one. The company however liked him cause he was fresh out of university and could be molded and trained into a good employee (ie he was cheap to hire). Now I won't fault the company too much for thinking that, cause it has worked out before.

So on Porn guy's first day, he does the rounds for introductions. Well let me just say that I try hard not to be judgemental, but the first thing you think when you see him is NERD!!! Being a nerd myself, I don't throw that around negatively too often, but porn guy just yelled out "I spend all my free time online in my parents basement" nerd. You know what I mean, slim, fashion sense is not quite right. His face even has the stereotypical Hollywood nerd look. I gave him the benefit of the doubt, thinking Hollywood just messed with my head and he's probably a decent dude. Soon enough though I learned that his social skills were ummmm lacking for a better term.

Kinda like this, with a slightly better fashion sense, slightly.

He was the type that tried a little too hard to fit in but just couldn't get it right. What's worse was that he also had a bit of a superiority complex. For example, we had a Foosball table and some of us would play during lunch. He was really bad at it, but anytime someone would try to give him pointers, he'd get angry and say his way is better! (and this narcissism will be even more apparent later...)

Things just went downhill from there... during office meetings, which can be long and tedious, he actually fell asleep! Bumblebee would knock on the table to wake him up! Apparently that wasn't enough as he would fall back asleep. Now those meetings can sometimes make a raging cokehead hoped up on Red Bull fall asleep, but still, to repeatedly and blatantly take a nap? He wasn't even related to any of the bosses to get away with this kind of crap. God knows that his work wasn't any better. His solution to every programming problem would be to simply delete the offending piece of code instead of finding out the true problem. That or trying to pass it off onto someone else.

After all of this, you should probably piece together why I call him Porn guy. Yes, he was caught trading porn online at work. Our office doesn't have any cubicles. It's basically one big open space. One day  Bumblebee, looks over and sees a small thumbnail. Apparently Porn guy was trading pics with his MSN buddies. He'd bring in a USB key, trade his porn at work and that way I guess save his parents internet usage that way.

Reenactment w/o the porn on screen
Seriously, how desperate are you that you resort to surfing for porn at work? In an open environment where anyone can see it. I shudder to think what would've happened if he had a cubicle or an office.....

Ok, this post is getting kinda long. I'll write about the "demise" of Porn guy in a second post if you'd like to hear more. (Sadly yes there is more to tell....)

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Uncomfortable in my skin

First and foremost welcome to KW. Thanks for joining the cult!

Alright, a warning before proceeding with this post. The title of this post is meant literally. Those that have really weak constitutions, or don't want to know me at such a "personal" level,  please turn back now! I honestly will not be upset. No worries though, no pics, probably some uncomfortable descriptions though.


This will just be another rant/venting post...

Really no hard feelings....

Last warning....

Ok, well the thing is, these past couple of days my skin has been really sensitive. The closest description I have is it's like having a sunburn. You know, the dry itchy burning feeling especially when clothing rubs across your skin. Yeah that's what I've been feeling lately. The crazy part is, there's certain areas where it feels worse, but they are almost all over my body with no visible signs of rash oranything.

Basically it started at like my inner things and then I started feeling it on other parts of my body too.

Again no signs of a rash or hives or anything. At worse, it was slightly reddish skin, but that would be after scratching most of the time. The only thing is my skin is a bit dry, but nothing bad and again nothing that I haven't felt before (without the itching of course). I'm trying to find a lotion that'll help soothe the itch until I see the doc... I know it's not to good to test things out on my skin right now, but I'm getting desperate for relief.

In the meantime, I've also been checking things out online. I did see people having the same problem as the one I described, unfortunately no one seems to have a good remedy for it. Worse it seems like it might be at least partially stressed induced, which leads yet again to a vicious circle of stressing/being distracted by the itching, thus causing more discomfort thus stressing.... ugh.... I need to soak in a tub of calamine lotion.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tidbits part deux

Ahoy hoy everyone!

Been feeling meh lately and didn't feel like posting yet another emo blog. So instead I thought I'd post up a quickie at work. Let my faithful followers know I'm still around!

Speaking of followers, welcome and thank you to Tony Van Helsing for joining the cult of Bo Bo. Kool aid will be served shortly. 

Since most of these postings are done from work (in between waiting for some tests to finish running, so if work is reading this, I am being productive!) I promise to do a post with actual links to everyones blogs. It's the least I can do to say thanks, although I doubt links from here would actually generate more traffic to your blog. I mean let's be honest, I think you've all drank each other's kool aid already. 

I've also had a bit of writers block. Nothing interesting has been happening to me lately, and I'm a pretty dull person, so I don't have many wild stories. There is one post bubbling in my head, but that will definitely be written outside of work since it deals with it. Nothing that's happening presently, but still, wouldn't feel right writing about it now.

Last note, Spring is officially here! Woohoo! Now if Mother Nature can also follow the schedule I would greatly appreciate it! I mean yesterday was the first full official day of spring and what does Mother Nature do? She gives us snow! :\

At least the temps are warming up and there's more sunlight out, so I am thankful for that. Hope everyone out there is enjoying the start of spring!

Thursday, March 17, 2011


Ahoy hoy everyone! Just a quickie post today with little odds and ends that popped into my head during the day.

First and foremost welcome to Dawn! Thanks for following, my cult is growing nicely! Mwahahahaha

Also, Happy Saint-Patrick's everyone! Have some green beer or whatever is your poison of your choice today and have fun :)

Damn it's hot in the office, we seriously need better ventilation in here as it's stuffy and I'm in a t-shirt right now. It is not t-shirt weather yet.

Sleep has still been a bit hit or miss lately. Very tired at work, but when I get home, I don't wanna sleep. I think I'm dreading something, I just wish I knew what.

On a brighter note, I always like visiting this site for a pick me up and help restore my faith in humanity somewhat:

It's my goddaughters birthday (today and on the 20th). I've been channeling my inner 2-3yr old girl to find them gifts. I got one two sets of giant Dr. Seuss floor puzzle. Still looking for the a gift for the other one. Maybe a set of Mr. Potatoe head family (she's a big Toy Story fan and has a lot of the other characters already). Any advice is appreciated.

AAAnnnnnddd my final though for today:
miaow miaow miaow miaow miaow miaow miaow miaow miaow miaow miaow miaow miaow miaow miaow miaow miaow miaow miaow miaow miaow miaow miaow miaow miaow miaow miaow miaow miaow miaow

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Post of a sleep deprived mind or why I think my MP3 player loves me

Ok erratic post from work. Erratic because well I'm at work, I'm tired and my brain is essentially at "remember to breathe mode". I just didn't want to leave my blog at my early morning rant. I swear I'm not always as doubt filled and pissed off as I've shown so far. These things just seem to lump together. Snowball effect I guess.

Anywho, this was something I wanted to write about. I might be doing it a disservice by having it as a work post, but eh, it'll help distract my mind.


After that long intro, I swear there's a connection with the post. Now usually whenever I feel down, my mp3 player seems to realize it and actually plays music appropriate to the situation. Sometimes it takes a song or two for it to judge my mood, but once it's figured it out, it plays a long string of songs that help me out. This morning it was on the ball right away. After worrying (for mostly no good reason) the first song that cam on was Ain't Nothing Wrong With That by Robert Randolph. Specifically by the end where the song goes:

Ain't nothin' wrong with that

It don't matter
It don't matter
(Let it go)
It don't matter
(Let it go)
It don't matter
(Let it go)
It don't matter
(Let it go)

I would link to youtube, but work oh so graciously blocks it. Maybe when I get home.
After that it strung together some upbeat songs to try to lift my spirits. Now I have no special playlist. I just load up my MP3s and the thing is on random. Oh and in the middle of all that upbeat music, what does it play? Lean On Me. Now that's friendship!

This isn't the first case of it playing what I need to hear either. When I'm in absolutely no mood for upbeat, it'll stick with the sadder songs I have. Oh and it eerily plays Eye of the Tiger whenever I need to get pumped up.  

Anyone else find this happens to them or is it another check in the long list of Bo Bo is crazy list?

Can't sleep clown will eat me....

Went to bed at around 11PM and it's now about 4AM. I'm the type of person that needs a lot of sleep in order to function, so work will not be fun later. I'm not quite sure if it's daylights that's messing me up or not. Actually that's not quite true, for some reason, I've been feeling anxious since yesterday.

I hate this feeling because usually for the most part, it's unwarranted. It's crazy, but my brain seems to need me to worry about something at all all times, otherwise things must not be right. After a few days of feeling good, something inevitably comes up and starts messing with my nerves. Most of the time it's something compeltely useless and logically I shouldn't be stressing as much about it.

Current worry, money. I know, I know we all sort of worry about it. Thing is, I really don't have much to worry about. I'm on solid ground financially speaking, I'm not spending more then I can afford. I do have savings and my job is at least secure for the short/mid term. My brain however is yelling at me that something is wrong. I'm forgetting a big expense in my calculations or something and when I do sit down and crunch the numbers, even if it was what I was expecting I still feel disappointed on the outcome. And that's just an example.

And this is just the current worry. This will eventually pass... usually by finding something tha makes me feel like I accomplished something. Even if in reality it doesn't matter...

Ah well at least this time the worry is something "useful" as it'll help me budget out my finances eventually. I just wish I wouldn't be such a worywart in general and that the damn clown will let me sleep!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Happy Saturday!

Ahoy hoy everyone! I am back on the grid! No more living like a poor internet-less shlub for me, let the cyber-stalking continue!

First of all, I would like to say thanks to Sugar Free aka Heather for following my blog!
Here's hoping I can be entertaining enough to get more followers! (How many do I need before I can call it a cult?

Quickie post today, just to say that I think it's official, I have gone insane. Now some of you (namely Kat) will say I've always been a bit off, but today is proof positive that I've lost it. Not only did I wake up earlier then I do during the week to get ready for work, but I actually did all the chores I planned for the day before 1! Awwww yeah....

Nothing but loafing here on out. Gonna watch the Habs hopefully beat the Penguins, have a beer in hand and no plans for the rest of the day. I have a feeling today will be a good day.

Hope everyone has a good weekend!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Patience is a virtue....

... one which I do not have!

[best televangelist preaching/yelling voice]
It's Lent, and God has tested me yesterday!
[/best televangelist preaching/yelling voice]

So a tech was supposed to come over my place and fix my phone line between 8AM and Noon.

Finally. Now I didn't necessarily have to be there, but they say it's best in case the tech does have to check into your place. No problem, take a half day off. Wake up a bit earlier then usual. Get ready then decide to watch Transformers, because I wanted to have mindless entertainment.

Movie's done... still nothing, but it's around 10. Ok... well time to catch up on some video games I guess... Played a little old school Full Throttle (LucasArts back when they still did aweseome adventure games). Got stuck and need a walkthrough and to get that I need the net. Crap....

It's ok, lunchtime anyway... still no news... that's not good though. Ate, decided to call the company to make sure I wasn't screwed over and my appointment was lost. 40 minutes on hold..... then person on the other after some fiddling around says nope should be on his way, probably just running late, just hunker down.

Quick sidenote: my contract is actually with a 3rd company and they contact Bell to deal with this stuff cause it's Bell's network. So being pissed off at that guy would be yelling at the wrong company.

So I wasn't quite surprised that they were late. Weather was crappy and I have very low confidence level of Bell. Call work, tell em I won't be in the afternoon and try to think what should I do. And this is were my level of madness starts to show. I did my taxes. Both provincial and federal. I even called Revenue Quebec for some info. The due date for taxes is April 30th and I think I may still have some receipts to add to it, but I essentially finished it off. By this time it was almost 3pm. Now I was starting to get pissed.

If anyone only knows me through my blog, you might think so what, but in reality, it does take a bit to start getting me angry. So I called up tech support again. This one actually called Bell to double check. Well turns out somewhere between the two, someone messed up and Bell thought it was an "all-day" call, meaning they had between 8AM to 9PM to fix it. GODDAMMIT! I wasted a whole day, instead of making some arrangments like getting my sis in for half a day so I wouldn't waste a personal day. After pacing my place to let off steam... Then just to piss me off even further... I see a Bell van parked in the corner. Idle... no knock on the door or nothing, I have no idea if he's actually the tech that's supposed to check my place. I start pacing.... trying to keep myself from running out like a madman at him yelling to fix my phone.

I finally decide he's not here for me, sit and start playing Epic Mickey. It helps take my mind off of things, then I heard the most glorious sound I've heard in a while, my phone rang!!! THANK YOU LORD!!!

It was the tech guy just confirming that my line was back up! YES! I say thanks, hang up, go turn on my modem... then I see no DSL light, which means still no internet. SONUVABITCH!

I get another call, it's the tech guy again, saying that some configurations are still needed and I would have internet back either before 9PM or else it'll have to wait for sometime this morning.

Now loyal reader(s?) with my luck guess which option happened for the net. That's right, by the time I left work, still no net. This is getting bad, I'm about to surf for porn at work, I'm getting that desperate!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Day 2, I am slowly going crazy....

Alright, I may have been unhinged before, but this no internet thing is driving me nuts. No email, no stalking I mean facebooking or checking out blogger now that I'm getting more into it. GAH!

Thing is it's also messing up my sleep. Well I have other things on my mind too (that may be a blog for another time, but one I will definitely not write at work). But yeah, this is really pissing me off and my sleep is messed up because of it. What's more is that I asked the condo association for some help in the matter. They have the keys to an area I may need to access... but nothing. I bet the bastards would've taken care of everything if they had this problem already, but nooooo..... Not even a courtesy: "We received your email, but we don't want to deal with you now" email. So it pisses me off even more. At this point I'm about ready to gamble the 100$ that the problem is on the outside line, call for tech support and get it fixed. Of course if I'm wrong, then I'm out 100$ for calling tech for no reason and I still have to go through the !@$##%$ association to get access.

I think I may start a sucks donkey balls list of things that suck donkey balls.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Always want what you don't have or you won't miss something until it's gone

Welp, first of all, someone did find me and is actually following my blog. I always knew there was something off about Kat and this just proves it. Thanks for being my first ;p

As for my day, yesterday proved why Monday sucks donkey balls. I got home and decided to fire up Netflix while I have my supper. It gave me an error saying that it couldn't connect to the intertubes. Pffff no problem, been there done that tons of times. Go to my modem, switch it off. Wait a few seconds, then switch it on.

Problem solv..... why isn't the DSL light lighting up? That's not good. Pick up the phone receiver and a whole lotta nuttin. No dial tone, nuttin. SONUVA....

So called up my sis to go online and give me the number of tech support. Call up (using my cell of course) and I'm #15 waiting. Meh, whatever, I wait. Have supper, fold laundry, do dishes... numbers going down pretty quickly actually...until I reach #2. And then it dragged on foreeevvvvvveeeerrrrrr....... Every 5 minutes or so an automated message telling me I'm #2 and if I want I can press 1 to leave a message. Screw that, I didn't wait this long and go this far just to leave a message!

Finally I go through. Explain my situation. Person is pleasant enough, but from his tone I can tell that he's tired. Anyway, he mentions the usual if I checked different jacks/phones. I did. So he tells me if I tested the demarcation box. Well I explained that I can't really test it, since I live in a condo building and only the association has the key to access it (I think they do anyway). Well he says he can contact a tech to send out, but if it turns out the problem is due to internal wiring, they'll charge me 100$.

I'm fairly certain it's due to Bell's incompetence, but with my luck, I'm not ready to gamble. So I go to a neighbours, borrow their computer and send an email to the association to see if I can test it out there first. And now I play the waiting game.....

My sister called me up, asking for an update. Then jokingly says what're you gonna do without the internet? I shrug it off. I got a Wii, DS, DVD's. I won't be bored.

O M G.... I miss the Internet!!!!! I probably would've been bored after a while as usual, but I needz it! How can I surf for por.... I mean cyberstalk.... I mean chat with my friends without it?
And this was just one evening, I might have to go the week without it! GAH!

This sucks donkey balls!

P.S. Yes I know there are a ton of things that are worse than this. But this is my blog and I'll rant if I want to!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

confession? emo moment? venting?

This is something that's been on my mind for well, a year now I guess. Never really wanted to talk about it to anyone, cause in a sense it's something I have to sift through, but I think I also need it to go out there. Since I doubt anyone will actually read it here, I figured it would be the best of both worlds to put it here.

Be forwarned, this isn't a happy post. Not quite sad either, but I am feeling like I'm having one of my emo moments so skip it if you're looking for something fun and coherent.


Alright back on topic.

First a little about myself. I'm a somewhat religious person, Roman Catholic to be precise. I'm far from a fanatic and I don't blindly agree with all of the churches official stances. I'm no religious expert either, but I do find comfort in it and I do attend mass every week or so with my Godmothers. I still find it can drag on at times, but it can also be inspiring.

Now let's jump to a little over a year ago, my godsister was in the ICU. She's always been in and out of the hospital, but this time it was really bad. Family and friends visiting her at the hospital, some of us everyday. She was never concsious during this time. All throughout this time, during my lunch break at work, I would head to the basilica nearby (which is also the church I attend every week) and pray for her. After about a week or so came the news, she didn't make it. Before anyone assumes anything, this hasn't shaken my faith. I still believe in God. I don't blame him/her for this.

I still found comfort in knowing that she's up there with him. Looking down on us, with a smile and probably a snarky comment in my direction.

Except, now when I go to mass, there's always this bittersweet feeling. No matter how good or bad I'm doing, no matter what's going on that day, just being in the church will invariably remind me of her and that time. Like I said, it's a bittersweet thing. I love that church and wouldn't want to worship anywhere else, but at the same time I get this sad moment. When I'm feeling down it pops up a lot, but even when I'm having a pretty happy time, I would always get a little down.

It's been over a year, but sometimes it still feels like it was yesterday.

I miss you, I never told you this when you were alive, but I love you. You're were a second sister to me. I just wish my prayers would've been enough...