Friday, March 11, 2011

Patience is a virtue....

... one which I do not have!

[best televangelist preaching/yelling voice]
It's Lent, and God has tested me yesterday!
[/best televangelist preaching/yelling voice]

So a tech was supposed to come over my place and fix my phone line between 8AM and Noon.

Finally. Now I didn't necessarily have to be there, but they say it's best in case the tech does have to check into your place. No problem, take a half day off. Wake up a bit earlier then usual. Get ready then decide to watch Transformers, because I wanted to have mindless entertainment.

Movie's done... still nothing, but it's around 10. Ok... well time to catch up on some video games I guess... Played a little old school Full Throttle (LucasArts back when they still did aweseome adventure games). Got stuck and need a walkthrough and to get that I need the net. Crap....

It's ok, lunchtime anyway... still no news... that's not good though. Ate, decided to call the company to make sure I wasn't screwed over and my appointment was lost. 40 minutes on hold..... then person on the other after some fiddling around says nope should be on his way, probably just running late, just hunker down.

Quick sidenote: my contract is actually with a 3rd company and they contact Bell to deal with this stuff cause it's Bell's network. So being pissed off at that guy would be yelling at the wrong company.

So I wasn't quite surprised that they were late. Weather was crappy and I have very low confidence level of Bell. Call work, tell em I won't be in the afternoon and try to think what should I do. And this is were my level of madness starts to show. I did my taxes. Both provincial and federal. I even called Revenue Quebec for some info. The due date for taxes is April 30th and I think I may still have some receipts to add to it, but I essentially finished it off. By this time it was almost 3pm. Now I was starting to get pissed.

If anyone only knows me through my blog, you might think so what, but in reality, it does take a bit to start getting me angry. So I called up tech support again. This one actually called Bell to double check. Well turns out somewhere between the two, someone messed up and Bell thought it was an "all-day" call, meaning they had between 8AM to 9PM to fix it. GODDAMMIT! I wasted a whole day, instead of making some arrangments like getting my sis in for half a day so I wouldn't waste a personal day. After pacing my place to let off steam... Then just to piss me off even further... I see a Bell van parked in the corner. Idle... no knock on the door or nothing, I have no idea if he's actually the tech that's supposed to check my place. I start pacing.... trying to keep myself from running out like a madman at him yelling to fix my phone.

I finally decide he's not here for me, sit and start playing Epic Mickey. It helps take my mind off of things, then I heard the most glorious sound I've heard in a while, my phone rang!!! THANK YOU LORD!!!

It was the tech guy just confirming that my line was back up! YES! I say thanks, hang up, go turn on my modem... then I see no DSL light, which means still no internet. SONUVABITCH!

I get another call, it's the tech guy again, saying that some configurations are still needed and I would have internet back either before 9PM or else it'll have to wait for sometime this morning.

Now loyal reader(s?) with my luck guess which option happened for the net. That's right, by the time I left work, still no net. This is getting bad, I'm about to surf for porn at work, I'm getting that desperate!


Katsidhe said...

You know what you need?



bobo said...

hmmmmm.... if I don't have any internet when I get home, that may be a distinct possibility ;p