Thursday, March 24, 2011

Uncomfortable in my skin

First and foremost welcome to KW. Thanks for joining the cult!

Alright, a warning before proceeding with this post. The title of this post is meant literally. Those that have really weak constitutions, or don't want to know me at such a "personal" level,  please turn back now! I honestly will not be upset. No worries though, no pics, probably some uncomfortable descriptions though.


This will just be another rant/venting post...

Really no hard feelings....

Last warning....

Ok, well the thing is, these past couple of days my skin has been really sensitive. The closest description I have is it's like having a sunburn. You know, the dry itchy burning feeling especially when clothing rubs across your skin. Yeah that's what I've been feeling lately. The crazy part is, there's certain areas where it feels worse, but they are almost all over my body with no visible signs of rash oranything.

Basically it started at like my inner things and then I started feeling it on other parts of my body too.

Again no signs of a rash or hives or anything. At worse, it was slightly reddish skin, but that would be after scratching most of the time. The only thing is my skin is a bit dry, but nothing bad and again nothing that I haven't felt before (without the itching of course). I'm trying to find a lotion that'll help soothe the itch until I see the doc... I know it's not to good to test things out on my skin right now, but I'm getting desperate for relief.

In the meantime, I've also been checking things out online. I did see people having the same problem as the one I described, unfortunately no one seems to have a good remedy for it. Worse it seems like it might be at least partially stressed induced, which leads yet again to a vicious circle of stressing/being distracted by the itching, thus causing more discomfort thus stressing.... ugh.... I need to soak in a tub of calamine lotion.


Tony Van Helsing said...

You are right about not testing stuff out, it might make matters worse. Get to the quacks.

Heather (aka Sugar Free) said...

Have you tried just taking some Benadryl? At least it's not topical so you wouldn't be running the risk of further irritation. But then a gain, I'm not a doctor. Hope you feel better soon!

bobo said...

@Tony - I did try 2 things out already. The first seemed to have made no effect, the second actually burned after I applied it. So I stopped and I'll wait til I go to the doc.

@Heather - Thanks for the advice :) I haven't tried Benadryl yet. The itching is a little more manageable (although it's still uncomfortable to walk), so I'll hold off for now.

Dawn @Lighten Up! said...

You know, bobo, have you changed detergents or soaps? Once, as a little girl, I was very allergic like that to a new detergent Mom tried. And soap - the fact that it started on your inner thighs, and we all tend to wash a lot around there ;). Also the products could have changed formulas.
In any case, get thee to a doctor and let us know, yo!

bobo said...

Yeah I thought about taht, but I haven't changed detergents and I use the same soap. In fact I was finishing off a bar when it all started.

Most of it is feeling better on it's own though, but yeah, walking is still iffy lol Will update once I know something more. Thanks :)

Katsidhe said...

This is Karma punishing you for talking about fried Snickers bars in front of a PMSing woman who gave up chocolate for Lent! HAHAHA! >:P

bobo said...

You can be so cruel master kitty-one! And this started happening before the deep fired Snickers :p

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