Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Always want what you don't have or you won't miss something until it's gone

Welp, first of all, someone did find me and is actually following my blog. I always knew there was something off about Kat and this just proves it. Thanks for being my first ;p

As for my day, yesterday proved why Monday sucks donkey balls. I got home and decided to fire up Netflix while I have my supper. It gave me an error saying that it couldn't connect to the intertubes. Pffff no problem, been there done that tons of times. Go to my modem, switch it off. Wait a few seconds, then switch it on.

Problem solv..... why isn't the DSL light lighting up? That's not good. Pick up the phone receiver and a whole lotta nuttin. No dial tone, nuttin. SONUVA....

So called up my sis to go online and give me the number of tech support. Call up (using my cell of course) and I'm #15 waiting. Meh, whatever, I wait. Have supper, fold laundry, do dishes... numbers going down pretty quickly actually...until I reach #2. And then it dragged on foreeevvvvvveeeerrrrrr....... Every 5 minutes or so an automated message telling me I'm #2 and if I want I can press 1 to leave a message. Screw that, I didn't wait this long and go this far just to leave a message!

Finally I go through. Explain my situation. Person is pleasant enough, but from his tone I can tell that he's tired. Anyway, he mentions the usual if I checked different jacks/phones. I did. So he tells me if I tested the demarcation box. Well I explained that I can't really test it, since I live in a condo building and only the association has the key to access it (I think they do anyway). Well he says he can contact a tech to send out, but if it turns out the problem is due to internal wiring, they'll charge me 100$.

I'm fairly certain it's due to Bell's incompetence, but with my luck, I'm not ready to gamble. So I go to a neighbours, borrow their computer and send an email to the association to see if I can test it out there first. And now I play the waiting game.....

My sister called me up, asking for an update. Then jokingly says what're you gonna do without the internet? I shrug it off. I got a Wii, DS, DVD's. I won't be bored.

O M G.... I miss the Internet!!!!! I probably would've been bored after a while as usual, but I needz it! How can I surf for por.... I mean cyberstalk.... I mean chat with my friends without it?
And this was just one evening, I might have to go the week without it! GAH!

This sucks donkey balls!

P.S. Yes I know there are a ton of things that are worse than this. But this is my blog and I'll rant if I want to!


Katsidhe said...

I'm so honoured to be your first, love.~ ;-)

And hell yeah you can rant out this! Like you said, it's your blog, but no internet? WAT???

bobo said...

Yeah, I have a DSL line, so no phone means no net :( The worst is trying to get a hold of the condo association to test it out... they haven't contacted me back yet :\