Saturday, April 30, 2011



My name is Bo Bo. You might remember me from such blog posts as Can't sleep clown will eat me... and Porn guy.

Today, I will be blogging to you about a serious matter.
 Bathroom cabinet doors. They appear friendly. Useful even. Allowing people to store various bathrrom items and keep them away from the casual pee-er and poop-er. Making snoopy guests take an extra step and thrill into looking what you have behind your back.

However, behind this friendly facade lies the sadistic mind of the door corner. Yes... this seemingly innocuous and innocent looking thing is justa trick to lull it's victim into a false sense of security.In reality, it lies there watching as it's trap unfolds. It patiently waits in it's half open position for a prey to crouch down and pick something up. Then once that person stands up, it pounces! Driving in, cutting skin and drawing blood!
Be careful or you can become it's next victim
So be careful of this silent attacker. Remember, if you aren't looking inside the cabinet, close the door. Otherwise, the next time it strikes, it might happen to you or a loved one!

P.S. If anyone asks, I got into a fight and you should see the other guy. Chicks dig scars right?

Monday, April 25, 2011

Election time

Ahoy hoy everyone!

Hope you all had a great (Easter) weekend :)

So today's post is gonna be a somewhat serious-er post. Federal elections are coming up here on May 2nd. I pretty much know who I don't want to vote for, but I though I; write this post to help me clear up my mind and inform you oh loyal cultists of the state of things here. Of course this is far from an unbiased review as I have a liberal/left leaning slant.

Where all the lying work gets done

So if you can't play nice with politics (I know, I'm just asking for it) then please disregard this post entirely.

Now a quick rundown of our system. It's a Parliamentary system. Basically the country is divided into ridings. Each riding elects an MP to represent them in Parliament. Now the party that has the most MP's elected forms the government, with that party's leader becoming our Prime Minister.  So we don't vote directly for our leader. In fact that is a complaint that comes up, the fact that parliment and in fact government isn't a popular vote. As proof the past ummm 3 governments where formed by the conservatives even though they had somewhere around 35ish% of the votes in total.

I won't get into more detail about majority/minority governments and all that so as to not bog things down.

Anyway, there are arguably 5 parties in the picture for federal elections. At least there are 5 that will get the huge majority of votes anyway.

The pretenders to the throne

Now as I mentioned, I won't be directly voting for any of them since none of them are in my riding. But since I barely know the actual candidates in my riding I go along what their party (and leaders) stand for, as usually they follow the party line anyway.

Now from left to right in the picture we have:

Stephen Harper - Conservative Party

He's been our PM for the past couple of years and I don't like it one bit. Too keep it short he and his party are like the Canadian version of the Republicans. Very religious, "tough on crime", "fiscally conservative" stereotype. Even though the fiscally conservative thing hasn't panned out. apparently he rules his party with an iron fist and likes control. I also think he;s a robot and looks like a used car salesman. I;m probably giving car salesmen a bad rap.... sorry.

Chances of voting conservative:  -100%
Sadly, he might win again....

Micheal Ignatieff - Liberal Party

The Liberal Party has usually been the other party that would win power in elections. Although ever since a financial sponsorship scandal rocked them in the 90's, they've been relegated to official opposition for most of that time. Ever since they've been kind of leaderless and really the only way they win is that people suddenly realise they don't want Harper and vote for the "only" party with a chance of beating him. Iggy is kind of a stiff though. Not robot stiff like Harper, but boring intellectual college professor stiff (as I think he was one in the States for a while).

Chances for voting liberal: 30%

Jack Layton - NDP

The NDP have been surging lately. Usually a dark horse third party, they've been slowly climbing out and are threatening to even overtake the Liberals as #2. they are the most leftist party of the bunch. Pure dirty commies I guess by american standards, but they stand for a lot of things I do to and usually stand for the "ideals" that are usually associated with Canadians (or that's the way they try to spin it anyway. He seems more like the type that you would have fun sharing a beer with at the pub. His rise in Quebec is also somewhat surprising this election too. While there's a possibility they'll be official opposition, it's not certain and being that high would be a first for the party.

Chances for voting NDP: 50%

Elizabeth May - Green Party

Poor Green party, they get 6% of the popular vote, yet they have no elected officials in parliament and no respect. the televised debate this year didn't include her at all. Not much to say as they're still a relatively minor party, but are making some noise. As their party name suggests, they're mostly in for environmental issues as a priority. Not sure if they have a candidate in my riding.

Chances for voting for Green (if I can): 25%

Gilles Duceppes - Bloc Quebecois

Now the Bloc is a special entity. They are a  separatist, sorry sovereignist party that are there solely to push and promote issues involving Quebec. They pretty much don't care about the rest of Canada and obviously only have candidates in Quebec. This will also mean that unless the votes get so splintered among different parties in the rest of Canada they will never win a majority (which isn't they;re goal anyway). Funnily enough, I like their leader the best. Unfortunately the whole separation thing is a big no-no for me so I just can't see me voting for them. Although, if I had to choose between them and the Conservatives, I would votes them in a heart beat!

Chances for voting Bloc: 20%

Now in my particular riding, the votes will usually go between the Bloc and Liberal candidates. This election I'm seriously leaning towards the NDP though. Dunno.... as we get closer I might change my mind, as I've usually gone Liberal before.

Or maybe I should just vote for some fringe party like the Marxiste-Lenininists. I;m sure they need some voting love too...

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Light at the end of the tunnel!

Ahoy hoy!

I want to thank everyone who read my last post and commented. Glad I didn;t scare any of you off and thanks for the concern, it does mean alot to me :)

So quickie update is in order, saw the dermatologist. Got that minor thing taken care of. Also asked about the cream. Turns out, what my doctor prescribes is something dermatologists hate because of how readily used it is, even though it's a strong cream. IE I shouldn't have been using that at all!

Luckily I stopped once I correlated the two together, but that also means I probably pushed back whatever healing I got by like at least a week or two :\   Not feeling as bad as last week, but still not 100%  

As for the rest, taxes are mostly done, execpt my mom has turned up some last minute receipts :\ So close yet so far! Shoudln't be too bad though. I have it all set up in a spreadsheet so I don;t have to actually re-calculate everything. (and the returns have usually been simple enough that I never bothered getting softaware to do it).
I want me one of those hats!

Work is still blargh and is the only thing that might get worse before it gets any better. Luckily long weekend coming up and thank god! I need it!

How I feel most days lately!

With the imminent departure of one of my minions, things will probably just get more hectic for me. Especially considering he was hired to help lighten the load in the first place.

Ah well... got me a screwdriver in hand, a long weekend coming up, and more hockey on the way (Habs lost, hopefully they'll bounce back!), there is some light at the end of the tunnel lol.

Until another hell week shows up lol!

I'll try to post something up this weekend, but just in case, to those that celebrate Happy Easter!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Hell week has been extended, or how things seem to go from bad to worse...

Ahoy hoy everyone!

Hope everyone is doing better then I am! Thought I'd just update you all on how hell week has been progressing so far. Well the income taxes are mostly done, I just need to fill iin some little details/explanation notes and get them signed.

After I finsh posting this, I'm off to my grandmother's to do hers. Thankfully it's really easy and mostly the same every year. Still a pain and I'm exhausted. Having trouble staying awake right now, ugh.

Work's been busy but manageable, so wasn't as bad as I expected. Although with "planning" the way it is, looks like things will continues this way for the forseeable future :\
Also I learned a minion coworker is leaving. He fouhnd a better job. Don't balme him at all and wish him the best. However, that leaves me back at square one as being the only tester for this particfular project. A situation that I'm sadly used to, but hate.

Finally to make matters worse. Well, I'm going to add a big disclaimer here: CAUTION potential ickyness/ too much information. this has to do with my Uncomfortable in my skin post(OMG I actually linked to a post, and it's one of mine, damn I'm selfish). So yeah, if that made you squirm or uncomfortable reading the next part will definitely be more of the same. I'll do a whole line of asterisks when it's safe to read again so you can merrily scroll down to the safe part.

So I'll try to keep it short, I had to go back to my doc, I took a routine blood test, but they needed to get another sample. So I went. While there, I mentioned how I was feeling generally better skin wise, but ummm down there I did have like a flair up and was wondering if there was a lotion she could recommend. She prescribed for me one of those cortizone/anti-fungal creams to help. I tried it for about a week. Instead of helping though.... after like the 5/6the day, it got worse. My skin is red and has a really burn-y sensation.

Worst of all, my doc is aways all week! Luckily I do have an appointment with a dermatologist this week for something (minor and) unrelated. So hopefully they'll have a better solution then my doc. Keep your fingers crossed for me please.

It can get really uncomfortable at times and I think it's starting to mess with my sleep too. Something I do not need this week....


Alright welcome back everyone! Anyway all that to say, I still have a busy but luckily short week ahead of me. On the upside,  the Habs are leading 2-0 in their sseries against Boston. Go Habs Go!

On the downside, I still have not bought a new bottle of Vodka (sorry Heather!). I still have a little left though and I promise to refill before I run dry.

Well thanks for sticking it out with me, have a great week everyone! Off to Grandmother's I go!

Now where's my red ridinig hood.....?

Monday, April 11, 2011

Hell week

Ahoy hoy everyone!

Quickie post while I'm waiting for things to set up at work.

Welcome our newsest cult memebers: Chio and Stace (I think... kinda frazzled so if I already welcomed you then welcome again anyway)! Check out their blogs which I will link to eventually. (I should create a macro to add that line automatically.....)

Also thanks to JapRoulette for stopping b y and commenting! Glad you found my slice of insanity!

Alright,  I think the title is pretty self-explanatory as to description of this upcoming week.
Work is packed and deadlines coming too fast. Oh and since I have an appointment next week, I gotta try to make up that time since I'm running low on personal time off.

I also gotta renew my passport this week which is always a test in patience. Finally I also have to finish my families income tax returns (6 returns in total including mine!) to finish off. I'm also probably forgetting some other stuff in there like eat/sleep/bath... but eh, they're overrated...

Oh and I'm running dangerously low on Vodka!

How I'm feeling and the week's barely started!

So if I'm quiet on comments and your blogs I apologize in advance, I'll try to get to them as soon as I can.

On a bright note my parents made it back safely from their vacation to the Phillippines and brought me back some goodies! Including a bottle of rum, woohoo! I would use it for this week, but I want to save it for when I can really enjoy it.

AAAnnnndddd  the HABS are in the playoffs! Playing Boston, it'll be a tough series, but should be an entertaining one. GO HABS GO!!!

Friday, April 8, 2011

drunken post

Quickie post. Loooong week, but having a pleasant Friday, chatting online with friends and being happily inebriated lol

Hope everyone has a good weekend! :)

[proceeds to pass out]

Thursday, April 7, 2011


Ahoy hoy everyone.

So first I wanna thank Jessica for following my random mess of a blog. (Honest to god I will write a post with actual links to peoples blogs, just not y'know today). Welcome to the cult, the Kool Aid's in the fridge.

So instead of another tidbit post or the follow up to porn guy, I thought I'd go into something I think every blogger writes about at least once: dreams.

Lately I've been having, I wouldn't say re-occurring dreams but definitely dreams with the same themes.

The setting would always be in some scary house/mansion. Think of those better made horror/thriller movies. The ones that are thick with atmosphere. Sense of dread and something not quite right. Y'know how you feel just before you know something bad is about to happen on screen... yeah I get that feeling throughout the whole dream. So sense of impending doom, check.

The other part that keeps popping up, and this is the part that I hate probably more then  the fear, it's my godsister has been appearing in my dreams. What really kills me though is that she's either asleep or in a coma. Or the few times she's awake, I know it won't last or it isn't true. So fear + sorrow, yeah that's a great escape from the everyday.

Luckily they haven't been happening too often, about once every week or two. Just enough so that I remember about it. Now it also doesn't take a psychiatrist to figure out the meaning to my dreams. I think they're pretty straight forward.  Still sucks though as I usually wake up early in the morning with a fright and messes up the rest of my sleep.

Why can't I have nice relaxing dreams instead... I could use the pick me up!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Tidbits: The final of the first trilogy

Ahoy hoy everyone! Hope nobody gets badly pranked. We had a fake promise of donuts in the office. I'm severely disappointed that they joked about that. No one should ever joke about free donuts!

Everyone, please welcome our newest cult members, Steph and Francis! Be sure to check out Steph's blog (I swear one day I will actually put the links in an actual post) and pressure Francis to start one!

I also need to thank again Kat for pimping me on her blog! She is my main source of followers, so I know I'm getting quality readers.

So quickie tidbits, saw the doc on Wednesday. My skin was feeling better before then, but I decided to go on with the appointment anyway. Doc took a look, no rash or redness. So I just need to keep moisturizing heh no problems there.... So things are better in that front so yay!

I was able to re-negotiate my cell phone contract too. Got a cheaper rate and a few little extras. Now I get to text spam all of my American friends as much as I want! Mwahahahahahaha...

Not much more to say for today, so remember folks, Screwdrivers are a good source of vitamin C (right?).