Thursday, April 7, 2011


Ahoy hoy everyone.

So first I wanna thank Jessica for following my random mess of a blog. (Honest to god I will write a post with actual links to peoples blogs, just not y'know today). Welcome to the cult, the Kool Aid's in the fridge.

So instead of another tidbit post or the follow up to porn guy, I thought I'd go into something I think every blogger writes about at least once: dreams.

Lately I've been having, I wouldn't say re-occurring dreams but definitely dreams with the same themes.

The setting would always be in some scary house/mansion. Think of those better made horror/thriller movies. The ones that are thick with atmosphere. Sense of dread and something not quite right. Y'know how you feel just before you know something bad is about to happen on screen... yeah I get that feeling throughout the whole dream. So sense of impending doom, check.

The other part that keeps popping up, and this is the part that I hate probably more then  the fear, it's my godsister has been appearing in my dreams. What really kills me though is that she's either asleep or in a coma. Or the few times she's awake, I know it won't last or it isn't true. So fear + sorrow, yeah that's a great escape from the everyday.

Luckily they haven't been happening too often, about once every week or two. Just enough so that I remember about it. Now it also doesn't take a psychiatrist to figure out the meaning to my dreams. I think they're pretty straight forward.  Still sucks though as I usually wake up early in the morning with a fright and messes up the rest of my sleep.

Why can't I have nice relaxing dreams instead... I could use the pick me up!


Dawn @Lighten Up! said...

Oohh...lookie! I am your first commenter ! What do I win? Sucks you're having bad dreams. I was having a great dream this a.m. where I was retired, yet still somehow young, and moving into a sun-fillles apt. in Florida. Then the damn alarm went off. I'd almost rather have a bad dream than wake up to the disappointment that is Ohio.

Tony Van Helsing said...

Sounds to me like you are planning to move house. Actually, I am just talking bollocks here.

bobo said...

@Dawn - Wow so sorry you wake up in Ohio... :p
Hmmmm I'll think about something for being the first to comment. Have a virtual cookie in the meantime!

@Tony - Hey waddya know, that's how I talk all the time!

Katsidhe said...

I think it means that you want to become a cabaret singer.

bobo said...

There's no business like show business afterall!