Saturday, April 30, 2011



My name is Bo Bo. You might remember me from such blog posts as Can't sleep clown will eat me... and Porn guy.

Today, I will be blogging to you about a serious matter.
 Bathroom cabinet doors. They appear friendly. Useful even. Allowing people to store various bathrrom items and keep them away from the casual pee-er and poop-er. Making snoopy guests take an extra step and thrill into looking what you have behind your back.

However, behind this friendly facade lies the sadistic mind of the door corner. Yes... this seemingly innocuous and innocent looking thing is justa trick to lull it's victim into a false sense of security.In reality, it lies there watching as it's trap unfolds. It patiently waits in it's half open position for a prey to crouch down and pick something up. Then once that person stands up, it pounces! Driving in, cutting skin and drawing blood!
Be careful or you can become it's next victim
So be careful of this silent attacker. Remember, if you aren't looking inside the cabinet, close the door. Otherwise, the next time it strikes, it might happen to you or a loved one!

P.S. If anyone asks, I got into a fight and you should see the other guy. Chicks dig scars right?


Anonymous said...

That look nasty.

So you got beaten by a small door?

Dawn @Lighten Up! said...

Evil bathroom doors! They must be kicked! Yikes!

bobo said...

@Hy - Yep basically. But don't let it's size fool you, it's part of it's evil plan!

@Dawn - They are evil! Beware!

Heystacy said...

Damn, that looks painful. Bad, bad door!!!

bobo said...

Yeah, it wasn't pleasant. Still sore, but healing up.

Sandra said...

Thank you for the warning! Yes, this must be overcome or else nobody is safe!
(Hilarious! I'm still laughing!)

bobo said...

Glad you agree! And thanks for joining in! Hopefully I can keep my blog as entertaining as this one :)