Saturday, December 22, 2012

Happy Early Chrismahanukwanzastice!

Ahoy hoy everyone!

It's been a hectic last few days and will be a very busy week or two with little internet time from me, so it's a tad early but I just wanted to wish the best to you and yours :)

Hope you all enjoy time with family/friends/escorts (I don't judge). Be merry and be safe!

Here's to a new year that will be awesomer than the old one!

Cheers! :D

Oh and before I forget, watch out for Santa, he's a creeper....

Monday, December 17, 2012

These are just a few of my favourite sins....

Ahoy hoy everyone.

So I had a friend visiting the city for the first time this week. My first out of town guest and I got to play tour guide! was a little nervous, I would hate to be a bad host, but apparently, she had fun, so it's all good. the one thing I told her though before she arrived, was that she needed to bring her appetite, because if there's one thing this place is good for, it's food.

The awesome artery clogging Poutine!

And I love food.... which brings me to the title of this post.

fod and I have a love hate relationship. In that I love food, will try almost anything at least once. The hate part comes in food being so delicious, I sometimes don't really know when to stop. Often I will eat to the point of feeling discomfort, meat sweats (you're welcome for that lovely image) and just all around feeling of "Oh my god I will never ever eat so much in my life again!"

Gluttony, my friends, it's a sin. One that I indulge in frequently. I'm not proud of it, and it's a wonder I do not way 400lbs. But what can I say, it's all so nummy!

How can anyone say no to this...

And in the spirit of gluttony, the holidays are upon us... and I will be out of here for a little bit :) So just in case, have a happy [insert holiday here]!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Names PSA

What's this, another post from me? In less then a week?

First of all, let me all allay (ooohhh that's a fancy word, I hope I'm using it right) your fears, yes this is really me Bo Bo. My blog has not been hijacked and I am not being coerced by anyone to post this.

So anyway where was I?

Oh yeah! So this is a public service announcement to expecting parents and people who are planning on having offspring. Give you kid a UNIQUE name! That's right, the celebrities have it right in naming their kids Apple, Coco and  Kyd.  Yes, these are all real names celebs have given their offspring.

Bo Bo! Why would you say such a thing you ask. Well, sit down around the fire (it is that time of year right?) and let me tell you a story. This is a story about... hmmmm to keep things anonymous let's say it's about B. Bo.... no that's too obvious.... Bo B. there we go. Anyways, Bo have a fairly common name and last name. Not John Smith common, but common enough that a US customs agent once mentioned the fact that there seems to be quite a few Bo Bo's when checking my passport.

Well today, Bo received an email sent to him, addressed to him from a mortgage loan company about filling out a form with condo info. Problem is, he isn't on the hunt for a mortgage. More so, the company is a US company, Bo is a crazy (as evidenced by the use of the third person in telling this story)   Canuck . Now, if it was just a one time thing, it wouldn't be a problem. But,  Bo has the following email address: and gmail has this thing where the period doesn't matter. You can write it as b.obo@fakemail, etc.  And the other Bo Bo's out there do not seem to have grasped this.

Bo has received, rejection letter from an IBM interview, update on new Health Insurance policy, gaming site updates (for games in a language that our hero does not speak and don't get him started on the spam). As well as update and renewal info for a YMCA in Virginia, amongst other things. You would think by now, Bo's doppleganger would get his email straight, but no. every few months a new email addressed to fake-Bo appears.

If original Bo wasn't such a nice (lazy) guy, he might've created a whole portfolio on fake Bo an applied for some credit cards or some such..... Instead, he just replies back when it's an important email that this is not the Bo you are looking for.

How I imagine I look when sending out the replies

So in conclusion, don't name the fruit of your loins John, Jane or some other common name... Instead call them Grand Master Funk the Third or Cocoa Channel No5. It will cause them a lot less email grief in the future and would be much harder for people to easily commit identity theft.

Monday, December 3, 2012

I'M ALIVE!!!!!


Alright, sorry for the caps. I'm calm now (not really).
I've been cutting down on coffee since it hasn't been playing nice with my tummy these days. But today I really needed some.

I know, I know, it's been forever since my last post. It'll probably be forever until my next one..... but I digress.

So what's been going on with me. Relationship ups and downs. Single past couple of months now, but I'm in a good place again :)

Work has been a killer. Ugh.... I had that dream that I had a test and completely bombed it. Got every question wrong and to make things worse, the test was given by the CEO of the company. Now that's messed up. However, I have a week off coming up and an awesome friend will be visiting to see me.

My first out of town guest. I'm excited and nervous too. I mean, I hope I'll be a good host. Should probably stock up on vodka.....

Speaking of Vodka.... go see Kat's blog for a chance to win an awesome mug perfect for holding said vodka. And tell her Bo Bo sent you so I have better chances of winning said mug. Cause I wants it....

Alright that's enough rambling for me. Writing this at work, and they still frown upon blogging at work... boourns!

Hmmmm I wonder if there's any Bailey's around to add to my coffee......

Take care everyone!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Back from the dead...

In these final moments of Zombie awareness month, I have arisen... and I need braiinnnnnnnnnssssssssss.........

Actually scratch that, brains mean thinking and thinking hurts....

But I do feel like a zombie back from the grave, things have changed a lot since I last posted. Feeling kind of bewildered with the new layout of everything. I;m not even sure how to make sense of my blog roll.....

I know, I know, I;ve ignored the internets for a long time, and well I can't promise anything more then random shoutouts of I'm still alive, but I can promise that at least. I do try to peek into everyone's blogs when I have a moment, but my usual blogging time (ie work) has been incredibly busy lately. I mean, they even expect me to have more responsibilities and stuff. It's really quite rude of them to intrude on my blogging time, but in the same vein, I like money, sooo......

In other news, things have been ok here other then work kicking my ass. Personal life is less drama-y, of course I totally jinxed myself now that I said that, but things are going alright. I have found a new drink, I've left behind screwdrivers for mojitos. I even have a little mint plant..... It's a little more work, but it's oh so good.

Hmmmm what else is new, can't really think of much. Feeling a little flabby, I need to start some sort of exercise, but eh, too lazy lol.
Speaking of which, I think I'll go raid the kitchen. Have a nice weekend everyone!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Drama llama

 Somehow the karma scales are not quite 1 to 1 for me. I don't know, it just seems every time  balance seems to be restored in the force, the drama llama rears his ugly head.

Ok so maybe drama llama isn't exactly the best way to describe my situation. (It's not internet based and I can understand how it originates). Still. Why can't things stay balanced, just for a little bit. I had a great weekend. I was able to sleep all night last night and feel somewhat refreshed for a Monday morning. And then drama llama turns up at night, messing with my sleep again, making my brain work overtime.

I know in the grand scheme of things, it's silly stuff. I have tons to be grateful for, I'm trying to remind myself that. This drama while it does have *some* effect on my life, it's nothing serious and while it would suck if it really got in the way of things. It's also something that I may be able to cut out if need be.

I'm just tired of always getting knocked down a couple of pegs the moment I start feeling content (forget about feeling happy). I know this is all a momentary setback. But really, am I that bad of a person? Did I use up so much good karma in the past?


Next post will be an upbeat one. I promise. Even if the drama gets worse.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Found this online

Kinda sums things up nicely for me right now.

Sleep still craptacular.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Scumbag brain

Ahoy hoy everyone.

I would love to say that this is not another one of my infamous whiny emo posts, but I try not to lie to my friends. So this is another of my infamous whiny emo posts.

Good news, the guilty feelings I;ve been having have lessened. Oh and I got a raise! Woohoo!

Bad news, I've been have trouble sleeping for the past week or so. It either takes me a long time to sleep or I wake up at ungodly hours of the morning. I haven't had a full nights sleep in a while. Even after having a very good day, mfeeling happy, things going well, when it gets close to bedtime, bam! Stupid brain is like, y'know what, you were too happy today, time to think and overanalyze shit so you can't sleep. Hell even when my day isn't taht great, does my brain say, hey it's time for a break! NNNNOOOOOOooooo..... he just says keep on worrying.

Seriously. I think it's time I stab it with a q-tip. Hopefully then he'll shut up.

Saturday, January 28, 2012


Guilt, I hate guilt. I feel it in abundance. I don't know if it's because I'm the stereotypical Canadian that apologies for everything, or that I'm catholic, or that I'm just plain messed up. But I can't help it. It's part of who I am.

I feel guilty that when things go bad. When relationships crash. Even if it takes two to do it, I can't help but feel that I didn't do enough, that there was something I could've done better. Hell I even feel guilty when there really isn't anything for me to feel guilty about. I may have made a mistake, I may have cause some concern and I would like to think that until now, I have proven that I am worth more then the mistakes I have made.

Even when I logically know that I am not in the wrong, I make excuses for the other person. Blame rests mostly on me. I should've been better. I should've double checked facts. I should've thought twice before reacting and panicking. I should've known better. Basically, if I'm not perfect, I failed somehow and it's my fault.

And then, I remember that this is the time when I should be remembering my godsister. Her time with us and not about my petty drama. And I feel guilty.