Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Names PSA

What's this, another post from me? In less then a week?

First of all, let me all allay (ooohhh that's a fancy word, I hope I'm using it right) your fears, yes this is really me Bo Bo. My blog has not been hijacked and I am not being coerced by anyone to post this.

So anyway where was I?

Oh yeah! So this is a public service announcement to expecting parents and people who are planning on having offspring. Give you kid a UNIQUE name! That's right, the celebrities have it right in naming their kids Apple, Coco and  Kyd.  Yes, these are all real names celebs have given their offspring.

Bo Bo! Why would you say such a thing you ask. Well, sit down around the fire (it is that time of year right?) and let me tell you a story. This is a story about... hmmmm to keep things anonymous let's say it's about B. Bo.... no that's too obvious.... Bo B. there we go. Anyways, Bo have a fairly common name and last name. Not John Smith common, but common enough that a US customs agent once mentioned the fact that there seems to be quite a few Bo Bo's when checking my passport.

Well today, Bo received an email sent to him, addressed to him from a mortgage loan company about filling out a form with condo info. Problem is, he isn't on the hunt for a mortgage. More so, the company is a US company, Bo is a crazy (as evidenced by the use of the third person in telling this story)   Canuck . Now, if it was just a one time thing, it wouldn't be a problem. But,  Bo has the following email address: and gmail has this thing where the period doesn't matter. You can write it as b.obo@fakemail, etc.  And the other Bo Bo's out there do not seem to have grasped this.

Bo has received, rejection letter from an IBM interview, update on new Health Insurance policy, gaming site updates (for games in a language that our hero does not speak and don't get him started on the spam). As well as update and renewal info for a YMCA in Virginia, amongst other things. You would think by now, Bo's doppleganger would get his email straight, but no. every few months a new email addressed to fake-Bo appears.

If original Bo wasn't such a nice (lazy) guy, he might've created a whole portfolio on fake Bo an applied for some credit cards or some such..... Instead, he just replies back when it's an important email that this is not the Bo you are looking for.

How I imagine I look when sending out the replies

So in conclusion, don't name the fruit of your loins John, Jane or some other common name... Instead call them Grand Master Funk the Third or Cocoa Channel No5. It will cause them a lot less email grief in the future and would be much harder for people to easily commit identity theft.


Juli said...

One of the kids on Youngest's basketball team is named Jakas. Pronounced Jack-az.

No one says it slowly or pronounces it as a z.

Clearly the mom had no idea kids would take him name and just call him Jackass.

bobo said...

Wow..... you just have to shake you head in disbelief at that....

sunshine said...

My name is not very common, problem is about 90% of people can't pronounce it right or write it right, so make sure when picking a peculiar name is easy to spell and pronounce, will save u lots of error on "official" forms and such!

bobo said...

Ooohh yeah, I guess that's the downside to an uncommon name. Hopefully it hasn't cause you too much grief!

Mynx said...

My name is a variation on a more common version and it drives me mad when people assume that I am that rather than what I am.

I will confess, a common name though does make my job a lot easier when it comes to filling out forms for customers.

(Have I told you how happy I am to have you back?)

Dawn @Lighten Up! said...

Haha, Bobo - I know your real name. Imma gonna send you lots of spam! Porn sites! Viagra! Lottery winnings! All yours.
Glad to have you back, pal!

bobo said...

@Mynx - Yeah, I can see how it gets annoying. No worries though, you'll always by Mynx to me ;)

Awwww :"> thanks. Glad to be back :)

@Dawn - Damn I knew telling you tht would be trouble! :p and thanks :)

Hopefully I'll stick around a little longer this time :)