Sunday, April 17, 2011

Hell week has been extended, or how things seem to go from bad to worse...

Ahoy hoy everyone!

Hope everyone is doing better then I am! Thought I'd just update you all on how hell week has been progressing so far. Well the income taxes are mostly done, I just need to fill iin some little details/explanation notes and get them signed.

After I finsh posting this, I'm off to my grandmother's to do hers. Thankfully it's really easy and mostly the same every year. Still a pain and I'm exhausted. Having trouble staying awake right now, ugh.

Work's been busy but manageable, so wasn't as bad as I expected. Although with "planning" the way it is, looks like things will continues this way for the forseeable future :\
Also I learned a minion coworker is leaving. He fouhnd a better job. Don't balme him at all and wish him the best. However, that leaves me back at square one as being the only tester for this particfular project. A situation that I'm sadly used to, but hate.

Finally to make matters worse. Well, I'm going to add a big disclaimer here: CAUTION potential ickyness/ too much information. this has to do with my Uncomfortable in my skin post(OMG I actually linked to a post, and it's one of mine, damn I'm selfish). So yeah, if that made you squirm or uncomfortable reading the next part will definitely be more of the same. I'll do a whole line of asterisks when it's safe to read again so you can merrily scroll down to the safe part.

So I'll try to keep it short, I had to go back to my doc, I took a routine blood test, but they needed to get another sample. So I went. While there, I mentioned how I was feeling generally better skin wise, but ummm down there I did have like a flair up and was wondering if there was a lotion she could recommend. She prescribed for me one of those cortizone/anti-fungal creams to help. I tried it for about a week. Instead of helping though.... after like the 5/6the day, it got worse. My skin is red and has a really burn-y sensation.

Worst of all, my doc is aways all week! Luckily I do have an appointment with a dermatologist this week for something (minor and) unrelated. So hopefully they'll have a better solution then my doc. Keep your fingers crossed for me please.

It can get really uncomfortable at times and I think it's starting to mess with my sleep too. Something I do not need this week....


Alright welcome back everyone! Anyway all that to say, I still have a busy but luckily short week ahead of me. On the upside,  the Habs are leading 2-0 in their sseries against Boston. Go Habs Go!

On the downside, I still have not bought a new bottle of Vodka (sorry Heather!). I still have a little left though and I promise to refill before I run dry.

Well thanks for sticking it out with me, have a great week everyone! Off to Grandmother's I go!

Now where's my red ridinig hood.....?


Anonymous said...

Good luck with the skin thing.

I should realy go back to see a doc about mine but wasting half a day waiting?

Hope things go better for you.

Heystacy said...

Ouch Bo Bo. Hope things get resolved via skin issues ASAP. It's not TMI BTW. Several family and friends work in the medical field. I've heard much more details about things I never wanted to know. I guess I have a high tolerance.

bobo said...

@Hy - Thanks! Well if it's still bad, yeah maybe you should go check or see a dermatologist maybe?

@Stace- lol, thanks. yeah, I usually don't talk about these things IRL, but I just needed to vent and let it out. Glad to know it didn't scare people away!

Jessica Thompson said...

Sucks man, hope you get through it ok!

bobo said...

Thanks Jessica, just posted an update. Thkngs are getting better :)

Dawn @Lighten Up! said...

Bobo why are your blogs not showing up in my Google reader? I thought you hadn't posted for a while and here I missed all these posts. I suck. I hope u feel better! And I hear you're hungry - would you like a Scooby Snack? ;-P

bobo said...

Google can;t handle my awesomness I guess ;)
Don;t worry about it though, I am glad taht you decided to check in :)

Oooohhh scooby snack! As long as I don;t have to go in the spookiest place with Shaggy, it's all good!