Saturday, November 5, 2011

Johnny Five is alive!

Ahoy hoy everyone!

Quickie post

1- Still alive! YAY!

2- Vacation over. boooo....

3- Pain still there but less. Had follow up appointment (after it being pushed back a month!). All they had was, there's nothing serious, so just manage the pain, it's "normal" and it should go away on it's own. Joy.

4- Work had a major re-strucuring. No one was fired, more re-assigning of titles and such. we got a new CEO, things seem like they are getting organized, so hopefully it'll be less blah then it's been lately.

5- Ummmmm.... I somehow got into a relationship. I'm happ, so is she (I hope!) but yeah, I'm also a little, WTF am I doing and how did I con her into actually going out with me in the first place?!? Little surreal at times but in a good way :)

6- Still really busy. Sorry for not keeping up to date with everyone, I really do miss my blog friends. But well for once it's a case of real life trumping net life. And in a good way for once! WOOHOO!

Well that's all really, just wanted to let you all know that I'm still breathing. Hope everyone's doing well.



Julianna said...

And here I thought this was going to be about cool robots.



Anonymous said...

SO glad that things are going well for you...and a new lady to boot! :)

It is great when real life trumps net life but it is nice to get updates now and then...we miss ya. Don't be a stranger.

Mynx said...

Yay to the relationship. Boo to holidays being over.
Now being the hopeless romantic I am, I want details please. How you met, dates etc. well not too many details, I might blush..

Enjoy, you totally deserve to be happy

Anonymous said...

A relationship?How did that hapend?

I most know!
I need tips. :-)

I'm glad work is better.
it suck your still in pain.

sunshine said...

It is awesome that you are back in blogger world, although still in a bit of pain, hoping it's going away for good very soon.

Congrats on the new relationship, wishing you guys happy times together!

Looking forward to when your life and your net life come together as one again more often!

Take care :)

becca said...

happy to hear things are going well

bobo said...

@Julianna - I will devote a post to cool robots, just for you!

@Jewels - Thanks, I'll try to pop in a little more often, but well work's been way busy too, so I can't even post then!

@Mynx - Heh, maybe when I have a little more time and I'm a little more willing, I'll give out some details. Although the thought of making my readers blush is a fun one...

@Hybrid - I have no idea.... It just kinda happened? And thanks for the well wishes :)

@sunshine - Thanks a bunch. Hoping that with time, a better balance between the two happens, although I am having a great time outside of the blogger world right now.

@becca - Thanks :)

Dawn @Lighten Up! said...

Yay! Soooo glad you're happy, my friend. And soooo sorry I'm late to this!