Saturday, January 19, 2013

Because Jewels told me too...

Ahoy hoy everyone!

A quickie blog post today because, well Jewels from According to Jewels told me too.

So since it's not much, I'll be doing this post in bullent point style.

  • Resolutions are going ok. Sorta. been being more active, and just a little off of my goal shape. sloth wise, is getting there too. been setting goals for myself especially at work and mostly getting there. As for the relationship business... no comment :\
  • Currently watching the hockey game in a snuggy. What? It's comfy and the habs are sucking right now :( I need comfort.
  • I need to congratulate Jewels and Kat for taking part of the polar plunge! WOOHOO!! wish I could've been there to cheer you ladies on.
  • Been waking up tired and sore muscles these past few days. I'm hope I didnt catch anything.
  • Friday will be the third anniversary(?) of my godsis leaving us. Emotions come and go. Miss her dearly.
  • Have I mentioned the Habs suck tonight?
Welp, thas's all I got for tonight. Maybe the next one will have a little more substance.


Mynx said...

I must remember to thank Jewels as I love seeing you on my reading list.
Glad things are going well although I have no idea who the "Habs"are

Juli said...

I made my kids snuggies.... they have Batman and Transformer ones. I have also made them in a variety of colors and patterns.

It's the blanket WITH SLEEVES! :) If it's any consolation... our Patriots sucked last night too.

bobo said...

@Mynx - Thanks for that! I will try to at least post a hello every few weeks. Hopefully, it'll be more than that though :) And Habs is the nickname given to our hockey team, the Montreal Canadians.

@Juli - My snuggy is a leopard print that was given as a joke, but it's sooo comfy! I'm kinda jealous of your kids snuggies....

Pearl said...

I enjoyed all this, but tell me: what do you think of the Habs?


Greetings from Minneapolis,


Dawn @Lighten Up! said...

A Snuggie? A SNUGGIE?! Oh, Bobo, say it ain't so!!

bobo said...

Hi Pearl! Welcome to my little bit of insanity. Greetings from Montreal :)

@Dawn - Yeah.. a snuggie... *hides face in shame* at least it's not peeps though! ;)