Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Ahoy hoy everyone!

Hope 2013 is starting out great for everyone out there! Mine was spent with close friends, food, booze and games. It was fun and a great way to start the New Year, even though I am absolutely tired today, heh. It's not quite over for me yet either as there's a big dinner planned for supper in a few hours with my family and apparently other big meals during this week.

And this is a perfect way to segue into my resolutions for this year.

I usually don't do this, but this year I have a few small things I want to improve upon and they are achievable, so I thought I'd write them down so I could look in on them when I needed a reminder. as a bonus, I'll vaguely split them into my favourite sins, cause well I feel like it....


 So over Christmas I went to visit a really close friend (also the person that drama was revolved around in the past, I'll get a little more into it later). Had a great time, and as usual, with her, gluttony is a sin we enjoy a lot together. It's a surprise we do not end up weighing 500lbs. Although over the past week, I did add on an extra 9lbs. It's not too much, but I want to nip that in the bud. So after the holiday meals are done, it's back to eating sensibly and exercising. It's something that I usually do, but I do fall off the horse often, and I want to try to keep it a little more constant this year. This out of all my resolutions should be the easiest to maintain as long as I'm healthy and no "pains" re-occur.


I can be a very lazy person, I know, shocker! I also know it won't change overnight, but I do want to be a little more active. Whether it be at home and definitely at work. I always do what needs to get done, but I want to procrastinate a little less. Concretely, that means picking a task at work that needs to get done and just work on it until it is, even if I have plenty of time to do it or if it's tedious. As for home, it means spending a little less time online and doing other things. Now my home is far from disrepair, but it's little things like even just playing more of the games I have collected over time. The internet has become a crutch for me and while not at addiction level, it's time to re-discover some other old "loves". Whether it be movies or games or whatever might strike my fancy.


Well this resolution is a bit of a stretch to call it lust, but I have a theme going dammit and I won't stop now. This will be the hardest resolution to keep since a lot of it is base on emotion. Essentially, I need to think about what I want in a relationship. I've had lots of drama this past year, but more fun and happiness. So while I don't regret a single second, I do need to think things through. the first step to this is to truly be happy single for a bit and the hard part, is to be ok with it. I do think I am in a better headspace thanks to 2012, I just need to 2013 to cement that in. As I said, this is the tricky part because emotions are always a bitch and you never know who can catch your eye and turn you until a babbling idiot (as opposed to my regular idiocy).

So there you have it, my resolutions to try and curb my favourite sins somewhat. While I will still indulge in them (especially the first and last :D  ) I will do my best to follow these resolutions and hopefully be an even better Bo Bo at the end of it.

Hope everyone's had a great New Years Day! Cheers!


Juli said...

I love these. Easy enough to keep as well. (You think I didn't notice the lack of quantities here... no pound goal, no limits on computer time.:)

And THAT is what setting an achievable goal is. (The husband's goal is 15 pounds in the year. Seriously... that's totally do able!)

Good luck!

bobo said...


I do have a few concrete goals, I want to lose the holiday pounds and I'll be at my happy weight.

Other than that, I just want to get the ball rolling and hopefully as time goes on, I won't have to add any quantities as it will take care of itself.