Saturday, February 2, 2013

Groundhog Day

Love that movie!

Ahoy hoy everyone!

So, according to the closest groundhog to my city, it'll be a long cold winter. Which sucks donkey balls as We've been mostly in the -20C range past two weeks, sometimes dipping to -40C with the windchill!
We had a brief glimpse of spring for a day, but that was quickly dashed with snow by the end of it. Think it's time to put my flask to use. Drinking booze is a good way to stay warm right?

All of this freaky weather did a number on me and I am now fighting off a cold. So lots of hot tea and being lazy for me this weekend. Which has been a fun one so far, cold notwithstanding. Hung out with my sis, ate lots of food and watched a few movies. T'was fun :)

And with that, a short entry today, since I'm starting to feel tired. Have a good week everyone, and let's hope for an early spring!


Juli said...

I could care less what that furry rodent says... lent is less than two weeks away! Easter is coming! Which means.... spring is on it's way!

(Yes, I've also been hitting the flask this evening)

bobo said...

Ha! I wish. I've remembered having some Easter that were more chrsitmas-y then Christmas :p

Didn't realise lent was so close though, thanks for reminding. Now to prep for Mardi Gras! lol

sunshine said...

I love that movie too, in fact we watched on Saturday night to celebrate the occasion.

Hope you are feeling better soon, my hubby is also home sick today :( Hope I won't catch it!

bobo said...

Thanks, finally feeling back to normal. Just in time for another deep freeze! lol Hope your hubby is feeling better too.

Maria said...

Well, Phil is the only ground hog who counts and he predicts an early Spring, so...I'm going with that.

bobo said...

Hi Maria, thanks for stopping by!

Unfortunately, it looks like the Quebec Groundhog was right for me, it's definitely winter outside!