Wednesday, February 20, 2013

!@$%@ Technology!

Ahoy hoy everyone!

That's right I'm in a curmudgeony mood today. Technology nothing but a pain in the ass!

Oh Bo Bo don't say that! I can hear some of you say.
Sure, it's given us wonderful things like the microwave, televisions and porn.... I mean the internet!

But with all that computerized sloth and lust there is a dark side. Pains and headaches, endless calls to customer support, scouring the internet to find some sort of solution. Brain trying to come up with solutions, anger and just arrrrhgh......

Case in point, I recently got a mobile porn device (smartphone). First week no problems. I mean battery life is a lot less then I was used to, but, hey, shiny new toy! Well unfortunately that battery took a turn for the worse over the weekend and went from a 100% charge to 0% overnight. I'm sorry, but I shouldn't have to wake up in the middle of the night to plug in my phone and do so every couple of hours with limited use.

I did talk to my service provider and while it does sound a little fishy, hey suggested I try to kill my apps first and if that doesn't help, do a factory reset, before they ship it off to have it checked. Steps which I will do eventually. But seriously, when the phone is asleep it shouldn't be wasting so much power! Please feel free to suggest any Android apps that might help. I currently have, Juice Defender and recently got Watch dog and DS Battery Saver.

But wait, there's more! Today I was skyping with a friend. And everything was going well until right in the middle, my webcam stopped. No video, no little light saying it was on. Right there in the middle of the call....
I tried rebooting Skype, nope. Restart my laptop, still nothing. So I try to look around, but honestly, I'm too tired to really look into it. So as a last resort, I actually shut down my comp for about a few minutes. Next thing you know, a miracle happens and it works. %$!!# technology....

Although, there is a good side. Without technology, I wouldn't have met you wonderful lot :D

And even better, I received a gift from the wonderful Kat!

I will be putting that awesome mug to good use! That's the appropriate size for tequila shots right???

Welp hope you all have a good week everyone. And don't forget to show technology who's boss!


Mynx said...

Sometimes I am sure the machines are laughing at us stupid humans.

And it usually happens at the worst possible moment too. Murphy's Law

Love your mug though, seems the perfect size for tequila in my mind

Juli said...

I'd use it for cocoa and Sambucca, but whatever. :) I HATE technology when it doesn't work. Mostly because I'm not smart enough for my smart phone.

bobo said...

@Mynx - It's a conspiracy! And yeah, just when I think I figured things out... bleh....

@Juli - Ooohhh that sounds like a good combo. I think it'll see quite a few different drinks.