Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Blog herpes

Or blog-pes. It is a serious thankfully non life-threatening bug. Unlike it's real world cousin herpes, you actually don't mind swapping blog-pes around.

But isn't he cute?

For those of you who found this blog by searching for info about herpes. Obviously the wrong place. Sorry that you might have it. If it was cause you didn't use protection or some other careless act, well I hope you don't have it and that you learned your lesson: use protection!

Ok so what exactly did I catch? Well, the awesome Chio  gave the Versatile Blogger award right back to me. That's right, we're passing this bad boy around like horny retirees spreading STD's in Orlando (you're welcome for that lovely image).

So to get everyone up to speed:
Still just as shiny as when I gave it :D
The rules:

Rule 1. Thank and link to the person who nominated you.

Thank you Chio!

(and a thanks again to Mynx for the 1st one)
Rule 2. Share seven random facts about yourself.

So while it's awesome Chio gave gave me a shoutout and the award back, I now have to think of 7 more facts.... ugh...  Really I'm so boring, the first 7 were already hard to pick....

Well here goes:

1 - I always make sure my closet is closed before going to bed. It freaks me out when I'm half-asleep and I look over and it's opened.

2 - Speaking of sleep, in times of stress, I have these nightmares that it's the last day of the semester and I totally forgot this entire class that I needed to take to graduate.

3 - I finished uni like 7 years ago! Why do I still have those stupid nightmares.....

4 - For someone who works in the tech field, I am very slow to acquire the newest gadgets and signup for the latest cool sites. I still don't have a smartphone, no i-Whatever or any new gen consoles. I have a wii and a nice Sony LED tv and that's about the newest piece of hardware I have at my place right now....

5 - As evidence by my 2 drunken posts, I am a very cheap date. Sometimes just the taste of alcohol starts the tipsiness. So far I have managed to only be blazingly annoyingly drunk once in my life. Hope it stays that way.

6 - When I was around 15 and my sis was around 10, we saw a cock (roosters you filthy people) fight in the Philippines. Yes it's supposed to be for 18 and over. The people running it, just laughed at the sign and said that babies could watch if they wanted. My sis cried and couldn't stomach it. I just found the whole thing pointless and stupid.

7 - I do not have herpes. (Yeah, I ran out of ideas).

Rule 3. Pass the award along to 5 new-found blogging buddies.

Alright time to pass on the blogging love!

 Tapetum Lucidum -  Versatile (as well as funny and entertaining) probably sums up Kat's blog nicely. She's also the reason you are all subjected to my insane ramblings here. So go thank (complain to) her!

Absolutely Narcissism - Sandra is just hilarious. Always a fun read, and she's currently in a competition to be a writer In the Powder Room. Go read her blog then Vote for her if you're so inclined :)

Sugar Free Thoughts - One of my blogging drinking buddies! Her grandmother said it best (and I'm paraphrasing) "orange juice is just meant to add colour to vodka" 

Dawn @ Lighten Up! - My other blogging drinking buddy! I think the name of her blog says it all. Fun lighthearted looks into whatever is the subject of the post.

Tony Van Helsing's Mystery Theatre - Snippets about his life, musings and thoughts. Hasn't blogged as much lately due to various factors, but don't let that stop you!

Screw the rules! I have to add the lovely and talented Jewels who always has fun (and sometimes naughty) things to say! I aspire to he blog-someness.

I also just want to give a special shout out to Daily gossip and glitter who I will admit, I don't catch up on regularly, since I'm not a big follower of the entertainment industry. But it's worth checking out if you are! :D

So to recap, to those of you looking for info about herpes, I'll help you out just click here

But in a nutshell use protection kids!

And Remember this little song.... sound advice,
not just for protection against herpes but other nasties too!


Heather (aka Sugar Free) said...

Oh fuck you Bobo for luring me into watching it's stuck in my brain and my husband isn't gonna get any sexy time tonight!!

Wait.....what I meant to say was, thanks for passing your shit on to me!!!! You da best!


Anonymous said...

Yay! I got an award AND only because you broke rules. Mwahahaha what a bad influence Kat and I are! hehe.

I cannot believe you aspire to my awesomeness. I mean...I can...and it's a great goal to have. Good luck with that. :P Kidding of are awesome.

Can I sing this song next time a guy wants head? Ahhh...who am I kidding...I can't say no to putting things in my mouth.

Thanks again, sweets.


Mynx said...

congrats to all the awardees and it is so cute that it bounced back to you again. See you didnt need to win my giveaway after all (but you can continue to stalk me, cause i love my stalkers)

Jewels and Kat are two awesome ladies. Love them both to bits

bobo said...

@Heather - HA! You're very welcome ;) Give my apologies to your hubby!

@Jewels - You are a horrible, horrible influence ;p I still have a long way to go in awesomeness though.

@Mynx - Pfffffttttt I still wanted that win! (I'm greedy like that). Don't worry you ain't getting rid of me that easily, now to find my way to Oz ;p

Moobeat said...

great post! :)

Dawn @Lighten Up! said...

Wow! I have been getting so much action lately!! Thank you, my dear, for the lurrrvely award! xxoo
You are a stitch and a half with your herpes PSA announcements, btw.
PS: I always have the college dream too. wtf!??

bobo said...

@Monnbeat - Thanks! And welcome, hope you check back in :)

@Dawn - You deserve all that recognition :D Glad you liked'em.
PS. I know that dream is messed up! It always takes me a few minutes to convince myself that it's all over with...