Sunday, June 26, 2011

Quickie and other Sunday tidbits

Ahoy hoy everyone!

Thought I'd give you all an update. Thanks again everyone for the well wishes on my last post.
It's been about a week since I went to the hospital for this (TMI if you click this link). I wish I could say it's all good, but it's not. Not as bad as then, but definitely still sore. I'm also having a hell of a time scheduling an appointment with a urologist for a follow up.

And I guess the the fight song of my life's soundtrack make more sense now. Cause, my back hurts since my posture is all crap from trying to keep my other problem from hurtin too much. Here it goes again... :\
Ah well at least I know how to take care of my back and it should feel better when I go see my chiro.

Pictured - Not my chiropractor
 Alright, now, on to more light stuff.... I've only turned on the option for google to search my blog about a month or so ago. So I don't have many searched done. I know unless you want to specifically check up on me, you wouldn;t really have any reason to visit, so I have a really low search count, which is fine.

But I swear the few I have are hilarious! I have 9 search results that ended up on my blog.  Four of which are variations on "blogspot ahoy hoy". So do those people googling that, WHY AREN'T YOU FOLLOWING ME INSTEAD!?!  ;p

Now for the weird, the single individual search (ahoy hoy blogspot owould be #1 with all the combos) would be "Micheal Ignatieff"! Seriously, a boring politician is the search term that brought the most people to my blog? Crap... I gotta start posting more about porn stars.... then imagine all the hits!

Speaking of porn stars.... "hoy guy porn" is third in the list. Now obviously some people were so excited, they couldn't even type hot properly, but hey, welcome! Just ummmm I hope you don't mind if I ask you to wash your hands.... Also in the porn theme is ahoyhoyporn. I just did a quick google search. Holy crap, there is a porn blog called ahoy hoy porn! Bwahahahaha... imagine the poor user looking for some porn, only to stumble unto my blog.... now that had to have been a mood killer.

Actual top image for ahoy hoy porn.... and it links to my blog!
Rounding out the search criteria are "ahoy hoys best port". Which is weird cause the only ports that I think I would ever have talked about would be computer ports....

And last but not least... "can hell week be extended" and to that I say HELL NO!!!! Why the hell would anyone want a hellish week to be extended? You have serious issues!

Welp, hope everyone had a nice weekend! I have another short week as Friday is Canada day! So have a good week everyone.


Anonymous said...

This week alone 8 people found my blog for "lead singer of lifehouse" and 7 found it for "lifehouse lead singer" UM...I think I wrote about them once when I was digging one of their songs. ONCE! I've been blogging almost a year. That particular post was MONTHS ago. How are they finding me through that!? There is no end to the random ways people can find you. I sometimes am overwhelmed wanting to make sure that when they do stumble across me that it's a good post so they don't up and leave...then I realize I'm ridiculous.

Sorry the boys aren't feeling better. :( Feel better soon...pretty please.

Mynx said...

After reading this I thought I would grab a quick look at my key words. Top of the list "alternatives for the shimmy for males in zumba" and also "naked firemen" lol. Glad you are feeling a little better. Sounds like a pretty serious infection yu are fighting. Will take a while to get sorted I guess.
Sending you hugs.

sunshine said...

I just finished a "100 Day Photo Challenge" (about a week ago), which I believe is something actually done of Facebook, so because of that I get a lot of hits from people googling that, but almost nobody stay around to really read my blog.

I don't really remember how I found you, but it sure wasn't by googling ahoyhoyporn, LOL!!!

Hope you continue to make progress on your health issues, take care!

bobo said...

@Jewels - I am honestly surprised that anyone would follow my ramblings, so I don't really sweat how they find me.

OMG I just realized, the people googling "ahoy hoy blogspot" are probably searching for that porn blog! And thanks again, trust me I'm trying my best to get better!

@Mynx - *Hugs* :)
Hmmmmm you know, now you have to create a post that combines "Alternatives for the shimmy for males in zumba " AND naked firemen! Blog gold I tellz ya!

@sunshine - Yeah, still getting hits for whatever reason is a first step in getting people to read your blog. Case in point, not sure how you found me, but I'm glad you did! Thanks for following and thanks for the get well wishes :)

Mynx said...

I cant find a way to email so I am asking here.
Would you do a guest post for me?
Email me. (it's on my profile)

bobo said...

Oh wow! Thanks, yeah, email will be sent shortly!

Dawn @Lighten Up! said...

Dammit I was here for some hoy guy porn. And you give us no nekkid. WTF Bobo? ;)

bobo said...

Sorry, I swear I'll try to find some naked men for you!

Heystacy said...

Hoy porn? LMAO!

bobo said...

Correction, hoy guy porn! Apparently damn was typing too fast ;p

Mama Spaghetti said...

This post totally cracked me up. Way to luck out on naming your blog something close to a porn site. That's a great way to drive traffic!

becca said...

haha you are too funny and where are my naked men i'm disappointed. oh sorry to hear that the nether regions are still hurting. hugs

Everyday Life

bobo said...

Hi Mama Spaghetti! Welcome to my blog and thanks for following :D Glad you liked it and yeah, it was totally accidental. I mean who would name a porn blog ahoyhoy anyway?

Thanks Becca. Glad you liked it and thanks for the hugs. [hugs]