Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Just a quick little emo rant from me today. Still alive. Been feeling a bit blue. Just one of those moments I guess.

My ummm "plumbing problems" don't seem to want to go away. I've been back to the docs too.... I dunno. I have some meds. Maybe wait a little after I run through the prescription to see if anything new. This has also the side effect of making me less mobile and willing to try to exercise. So (I am by no means fat or even chubby) I know I'm gaining weight...  and would like to nip that quickly before I have to buy myself new pants lol. 

I also get whiny in these moment... things just seem like they pile up. Work is bleh.... and been feeling kinda alone. Like I'm always the one that has to reach out and get a conversation going (online and off). So I go in this really teen I'm all alone in the world space in my head. Which is of course total and utter crap. But that voice usually wins out in times like this. 

And there's also the vicious cycle of guilt in feeling this bad, when I shouldn't because I have it so good. Which I'm sure I whined about in a a previous emo rant. 

Meh, hopefully I'll snap out of this soon. It's way too nice out to be feeling sorry for myself.

P.S. I'm keeping up with everyones blogs! Sorry if I don't always comment though... Reading them though is helping me out of this funk :)


Mynx said...

I totally know that 'alone' feeling. And being laid a little low with this stupid sinus infection, I am a little fragile too. Sending you hugs and smiles sweetie :)

bobo said...

Thanks :)

I hope you feel better soon too [hugs]

Anonymous said...

Big hugs from me to you. Everyone gets down now and then. If you ever want to rant or chat with know my email. Or on the off chance you don' is USE IT!

bobo said...

Thanks Jewels [hugs] Careful though, those are famous last words! :p

Dawn @Lighten Up! said...

Aw. My bobo is sad! Hate that!! *hugs n kisses*
Why don't u Facebook me? Look under
Fb makes me feel a lot less alone. (Now u know i'm a weirdo.)

bobo said...

Thanks :)

And you're no weirdo (cause that would make me one too) ;p

Gonzo, now he's a weirdo....

Heystacy said...

Booo to this Bobo. Don't forget if you need to PM or message me at the usual place.

Yes I'm always working, but every now and then I sneak in some posts. LOL

I hope you feel better.

bobo said...

Thanks Stace. Hopefully the weekend will snap me out of this funk

Sandra said...

The mere fact that you used the ever popular word "meh" just shows that you're perkier than you're letting on ;)
Hang in there, those funks come and go, and do keep reaching out to your blogging community! As someone who has gone through my share of ups and "meh," I've found the best remedy are the comments from all the delightful people out there.

bobo said...

Thanks Sandra. Even when I'm feeling low, I do try to stay up and see the positive side of things. Not always successful, but having great friends be there like you've all been , well it really means a lot :)

Thanks again everyone.