Saturday, June 18, 2011

Update and the soundtrack to my life

Ahoy hoy everyone!

I just wanted to thank everyone for their comments on my last post. It really helped, and I just hope that I can be as good a friend to all of you as you've been with me.

So quickie update on me, I am feeling a bit better, at least moral wise. Still not rainbows and unicorns, but definitely away from being all emo-y

Good lord if I ever get to that, shoot me!

Physically, well it still feels like someone is squeezing the boys sometimes (and not in the good way). Finished off my second batch of anti-biotics but nothing much has changed. Wanted to see my doc this morning as a walk in patient, but just my luck, the office was closed :\  They open again on Tuesday. Joy.
The pain is usually bareable most of the time and sometimes even forgettable, so I'm not too worried just yet. But I know it's a big reason for my blahs.

Ok enough about my health, cause I'm sure it's WAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYY too much information for you guys.

So a light entry today ofr today. This has been going around the blogosphere I bleieve and since I'm a sheep, I'm doing it too! :D

"Story of my life" or was it "The soundtrack of my life"? Eh, it was something like that.... Anywho, the rules:

1. Open your library (iTunes, Winamp, Media Player, iPod, etc)
2. Put it on shuffle
3. Press play
4. For everyline, type the song that's playing
5. When you go to a new question, press the next button
6. Don't lie and try to pretend your cool…

Besically this would be the soundtrack of my Lifetime Movie. For this, I'm using my mp3 player which I talked about in this post. And because I love you all, the songs link to their youtube clips :)

Opening Credits:
REM - It's the end of the world
I bet that's what my parents thought when I was born, so I guess it fits.

Waking Up:
Jay Sean - Down
Hmmmm not really a wake up song.... but it's up beat I guess

First Day At School:
Mercenaries 2 - Oh no you didn't
Lol, this was used in an add for the game. I have the ad version which was the first 30 seconds or so... it's hilarious and I guess could fit into the school/bully thing lol.

Fight Song:
OK Go - Here it goes again

Sounds like my life is a never ending battle lol. Ah well, here it goes again....

Breaking Up:
Robert Randolph & the Family Band - Aint Nothin' Wrong with That

Well I guess I wasn't too broken up about it. :p

Louis Armstrong - What A Wonderful World

Altogether now... awwwwwwwwwwwwww

Quiet Riot - Cum On Feel The Noize
HAHAHA!!!! I wish more girls would follow those lyrics in my life :p
Not bad as far as life athem goes.... let's get wild, wild, wild!

Mental Breakdown:
Weezer - "Memories"
 Yeah, a song from Jackass is definitely a sign of a mental breakdown! It's also a pretty good mid-life crisis song lol

Glee - Halo & Walking on sunshine
 Don't judge me and my liking of Glee! But yeah, it's a pretty upbeat song.... oh my god.... this is were my life becomes a chick flick isn't it? ;p

Nana Mouskouri - Le temps de cerises

Not bad. A good flashback song. In fact I first heard it in Porco Rosso (go watch it, it's great!) and it sort of fits that theme of looking back at past :)

Billy Idol - Dancing with Myself
 Forever alone... :~(   
At least I'm upbeat about it ;)

Birth of Child:
Colbie Caillat - Bubbly

 Mostly a love/crush song, but a lot of it can fit for a new child too.

Final Battle:
 That's right, bring it! Not a bad fight song at all. Can get the blood flowing...
"If I go crazy will you still call me Superman?"

 So apperantly my death is a cause of celebration in the land. Forever alone... again :p
 Holy crap, what if I'm the villain, and that's way everyone's so happy? O.O

Funeral Song:
Ludacris feat. DTP - Growing pains
Hmmmmm.... not my life, but it is a reminiscing song. Doen't fit my life (so far lol) but yeah as a funeral soundtrack to a movie... I can see them playing it with a montage of my life....

End Credit:Vengaboys - We like to Party!  
Yes I'm ashamed I've never removed this from my player. But really at the end of it all, everyone should live their life like it's a party. (yeahh... I'll go with that...)

So all in all some while not specific to my life in some cases (I hope so) my mp3 player pulls through for me again! Even though it had to go and embarrass me a couple of times too :\
Welp. hope everyone has a great weekend. I have two short work weeks coming up WOOHOO!!! So go have fun and remember, We like to Party!

Edit. sorry for the funky formatting. Blogger is being a bitch and messing it up... so I'm not touching it anymore unless something is out of order....


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness..."We like to party. We like. We like to party." I am going to have that stuck in my freaking head all day now! Thanks a lot.

I laughed out loud at the "this is where my life becomes a chick flick". I loved being a peeping Tom at your playlist. Loved a lot of these songs.

bobo said...

Heh, you're welcome! >:)
phew, I;m happy my songs don't make you think any less of me ;p

Mynx said...

Nana Mouskouri? Really? Ok... I love Glee too and I can just picture the last slow dance to "What a wonderful world" Awwww
This is a fun game :)

bobo said...

I heard the song in the movie but the voice actress didn't speak french very well, so I looked for one similar and found that lol.

Yeah, it wasn't too random. I liked what came out :)

Tony Van Helsing said...

I heard that Kevin Dubrow from Quiet Riot was dead. that band is cursed.

bobo said...

Well can't say I'm a fan of them, since that's the only song I know lol. Still that might be a good thing hearing how they're cursed. wouldn;t be good to get too attached :\