Thursday, June 2, 2011

drunken post II


So I might be a little tipsy lol.

Bad news, ran out of orange juice :(

Good news, apple juice and ice with vodka isn't that bad :)

While I;'posting, I want to thank Chio ofr re-sending the award! I'll spread more blog love when I'm sober lol

Hope everyone has a great weekend! (yes I know it's only friday tmr, still it's the end of the week!) YAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said... have I not been following you all this time? I'm a horrible person. As for jealous. I just got off work at 9pm after a 14 hr work day...I am not a happy Jewels right now. I envy you your buzz...enjoy! :)

Dejch said...

yep keep up the drunken posts so that you can have a headache the next day you wakeup hehe

Mynx said...

Love a good drunken post. Not written too many but the master of a awesome drunken email hehe.

Hope the head is ok in the morning

Dawn @Lighten Up! said...

Who cares if you're outta OJ? You made it work! lol. That's like my favorite - coconut rum. You could put that stuff with urine, and it would probably still taste great! Happy weekend!!

bobo said...

@Jewels - YAY welcome to the madhouse! :D
Ugh sounds like a really rough day, you should've come over, I would've gladly shared with you!

@Dejch - lol, naw no headaches. I'm usually pretty good at minimizing the hangovers :)

@Mynx - Heh, never done the drunken email (none that I remember anyway) Have done a few drunken txt. Luckily nothing too bad, mostly like my posts. And no hangovers today! :D

@Dawn - Gotta work with what you've got! :D It was surprisingly good. Although I think I need to try it again when I have more sense just to be sure lol. Hopefully I'm never that desperate to go the urine root :p Happy Weekend!

Heystacy said...

You're usually so mild mannered. I'm somewhat amused and shocked at your behavior. Not really. It gave me a chance to write something.

bobo said...

lol, well you know what they say about the quiet ones.... seriously do you? cause I;d like to know!

And yeah, after the beer fest today... I'm like this close to paking the drunken posts a trilogy lol